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Many stream monsters know me, some might even recognize me from the forums here. I’m that guy who dresses up and looks like Wesker at a lot of the Midwest tournaments and majors, And Final Round this year, and i’ve entered into a video contest that a friend of mine is holding. Top 3 videos with the most likes are getting a free trip to Evo, and the voting ends on monday, May 14th! If I don’t win in this contest there’s a good chance I won’t be able to make it to Evo, so please, Like/Share/Retweet/Repost, anything! It only takes a moment. :slight_smile:


There’s the link, all i’m asking is for SRK to help out! Just click the link and give the video a “Like”, you don’t even have to watch it if you don’t want to. Thanks for your time, and for any and all support! Hopefully I’ll be seeing you all in Vegas this year!


I did this video for a shirt I made, decided to share it here as i figured this is the safest/best spot to put it. I’m hoping it sheds some light on what goes into making a shirt. If anyone is interested in one; sorry but none are currently for sale and I’m looking into a second run.


funny raiden








A playthrough of Advanced Challenge/Trial Mode for Goku Z2 in (win)Mugen.
I couldn’t find any Mugen related forum thread but I wanted to share Goku Z2 with the Shoryuken community a bit more!
Unlike most Mugen characters he is quite balanced but still able to dish out huge combo’s
(for those who don’t know me, I am of one the creators of him as well as the sprite artist).


I miss doink






disturbing video of kid abusing toddler





dearest friends, allow me to share this with you…


shoryuken themed video

decent attempt at mainstream banger.
Artist- Fresco.


My friend’s student animation, for classic video game fans:




My friend recorded this recently, this dude is so cool lol



Cute girl talking about backseat gamers.


Hello my friends, im new here, im an portal versus user ( TIRSON )…

Here in brasil we decided do make a slide youtube movie with the best arcades customs made by the brasilians…

i hope you enjoy…

See ya.