The Video Thread

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A TOD combo I discovered my secondary team.
This specific team of mine features Arthur, Deadpool, and Hulk.
I have an 82% ratio over the very last 2000 matches using this team for at least 1/3 of them, so this team is more than viable. My 360 recently broke but I believe my gamertag was Sinn3rAt8ir7h. Ill check on that later. This is the only video I have of me playing, and I am sorry I couldn’t share the technology I’ve discovered over the years with you guys. Forewarned cellphone quality.


My second Injustice cmv, using Killer Frost, called: Frostitute.
Featuring a lot of “cool” swag combos, worth to watch.

A remix i did of that Monday Mitten Mashers song


CG demo reel from the 80s


Thor and Raccoon craziness.


A comeback with General Zod



Best matches from PJS Winning stream & other KOTH Rooms

C88 foreverking [Batman] vs Draman Kuritani [G Arrow] IGAU KOTH

EMPEROR PSYCHO [Flash] vs Draman Kuritani [G Arrow] IGAU KOTH

Kurving Karma [Batgirl] vs EMPR WARCHILD [Killer Frost] IGAU KOTH

NLHEPlayer [Superman] vs Tylenolz [Zod] IGAU KOTH

Sargentsackslap [Green Arrow] vs MRxYeezy [Batman] IGAU KOTH


my thoughts on Ultra Street Fighter IV


me and my friend play skullgirls, i love this game so much


Killer Instinct Xbox One OST with Jago’s Theme




Some Darkstalkers casuals



Street Fighter Cartoon Moves 9



A casual match in the newly released jojo’s bizarre adventure all star battle


Hi, Spawnoftyphon and MrMiles just made a new Youtube channel for let’s plays. Check it out if you want to laugh at us derping.
Here’s a taste:

Also, we’re the guys who made this thread for your saving enjoyment.
“The Worst” presents : The best UMVC3 pictures [56k beware] (56k BEWARE)