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Deleted scene from Raid 2…if you havn’t seen this movie well… you should.

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Its time to level up!! Ultra street fighter is coming out soon! Find out the top characters changes in this video! :wink:


Hey everyone! I made a video that is suppose to help the newer players for Street Fighter 4, I decided to make this video when I seen that Microsoft/Capcom were giving Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition to Xbox Live Gold Members for free, playing it online you could see the newer players playing and I thought it would be a fun idea to make this video! So I hope you enjoy it :).

Top Tips for Street Fighter 4

I’ll also leave a link to my Youtube channel just in case anyone wants to check it out as well :).

Link to my channel!


Sup guys Hagaishi here, Been making some new videos of matches between me and my friends and I wanted to share them with yall. I hope yall enjoy them!


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New Street Fighter fan video: Ryu heading North.




Don’t Lose Your Way Goes With Everything
(I know I’m late but these are still fun to do)
(This one is MisterAlex’s on youtube, inspired me to make my own below)


Hey guys, looking forward to the new P4U to hit the states and if anyone ever wants to play over xboxlive it would be a honor! Anyway as always I have some videos to share and always feel free to comment, share and bluh bluh bluh lol! Anyway enjoy everybody!


Collection of some recent matches of mine. Welcome all critiques and suggestions


another “Don’t Lose Your Way” super late but whatevs. GGXRD Hype!


still funny


bookmarks dump. get hype!

evo 2014
:open_mouth: $100 for 1 round?!

ceo 2014

the fall classic 2014

dat intro