The Voice Actor Thread

Any voice actors you are fans of? That you hate?

I am a fan of this woman.


This woman, it turns out, was behind many of my favorite characters throughout the years. She is Ivy from Soul Calibur, Maya from Persona 2, Luke from Professor Layton, Sindel AND Sheeva from Mortal Kombat 9, and more recently, the female dark elf for Skyrim.

Lani Minella rocks.

I’ve been told I should do voice acting :rofl:

You may not like his shows, but I like Seth Macfarlane


This woman is so adorable!!

Make a vid and put it on youtube! No need to be shy, you don’t even have to show yourself.

I hate all the voices for Soul Calibur.

all the English version voices in fighting games are awful.

japanese or english? or both?

Japanese voice are tolerable, but they still are not good enough for me to actually want to play the game.

Hmm, I think some of the SF4 ones aren’t bad. In fact, I prefer some of them to the JP voices. I like Sakura english (yes i know im in the minority), cammy in english, and zangief in english.

I think ryu in english sucks, even if he is a DBZ actor. Also, chun’s english voice is too young and squeaky for my tastes, always preferred the deeper chun voice in alpha 1 or third strike.

Can’t stand it at all, it’s mostly due to the terrible lines though

This is true.

understandable. Some of the SC voice actors are cringeworthy, such as that new character Pyrhha. Her “excuse me!” and “sorry!” and overall whining are nerve grating, but i think that’s also due to the voice director of the game too.

HAHA just reminded me of Lynn from Fist of the North Star, always wondered how Kenshiro resisted the temptation to make her a mute again. :rofl:

Nothing beats “ATATATATA …WATAAAA!!”


I LOVE the male dark elf voice from Morrowind! Bring this back dammit, Bethesda

I can’t take the same annoying phrases being said over and over again.

Ah, is she the same kind of over apologetic, yet determined, frail girl that fights to protect her loved ones ala Pyrhha?

Even though there are a lot of females voicing male characters and fooling alot of people, there was no way Pikachu was actually voiced by a man.

I just leave all voices for SF4 in Japanese. Balrog and Fei Long is okay in English.

any work done by akira kamiya is automatically my favorite. specially his nagare ryoma of course

Other your basic hello/thank you/good bye I know about 2 phrases in Japanese, one of which is naaaani!! and the other shoryuken, so they could use the worst voice actor and I would still prefer it over most english voice overs in fighting games

like finger nails on a chalk board
(first part of the vid is family guy for some reason o_O)

So many to list

Peter Cullen -G1 optimistic
Frank Welker -soundwave galvatron
Chris barnes 90s spiderman
Kevin Conroy
Mark hamill
Steve blum
Clancy Brown
Chris Latta. rip
Patrick Stewart
James earl jones
Victor Caroli

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