The Void Between the U.S. and the Japanese fighting game community growing?

Note that we only play two of these games actively in the U.S. (3S/Tekken).
Why are we not playing the games these people are raving over? Countries like Singapore have MBAC/GG Slash. The extended invitation to us for GG Reload in SBO3 was never used, and Japan has refused us an invite this year for Slash.

VF4? We barely touched it.
NGBC- Dead on Arrival.
MBAC- Does any U.S. arcade even have this machine?
SS Tenka- lol

So whats the deal? Are arcades refusing you the new games YOU WANT TO PLAY and holding the U.S. back, or do you just not CARE about any of these games?
Do you want to play the same games at Evo this go around that we did for the past couple of years?

Post your opinions/discuss.

from what i hear the reload invitation was never used because i dont think there were any players that could really afford to go to japan

The problem IMO is that Namco and Capcom have a STRONG hold on the US markets.
If it doesn’t have the Capcom or Namco logo on it, it’s not gonna have as large a following.

I forgot about Tekken btw, I’m a dummy. First post editted.

That’s pretty much it, in a nutshell. The “Capcommunists” and “Namco-ists” can often act like these other games have the plague or something, so much that they won’t even give it a try, more often than not.

Refusing to try something new once in a while is what’s either going to eventually kill of the genre in America, or perhaps maybe give it a re-birth once people finally wise up that Namco and Capcom aren’t the only fish in the sea…

I conclude the only hope is for me to move to japan.

No, I think it has more to do with the fact that arcades have pretty much gone the way of the dodo in the US. And that most of the ones that still exist don’t do anything because of lack of money/laziness/not giving a damn/etc…

American Soul Calibur players are way better than the japanese ones.

It may also have to do with the simple fact that our cultures are much diffrent. If it doesn’t “look” cool or have “street cred” the game isn’t gonna go far here.

What does that have to do with anything?

so are our marvel players but who gives a shit

There isn’t wide enough access to new games in the US and even sometimes when people get new shit in their hands they don’t even care. At my college we played Melty Blood ReAct for about 2 weeks than moved on. There was a GGXX kick for a while but most people aren’t crazy about modding their PS2s so none of us ever got into Reload, and I’m dumb and don’t know cool ways of getting my HOri to work on my friend’s Xbox.

You mentioned NGBC as dead on arrival and vf4 as never being touched, I’ve never seen ngbc in an arcade and I’ve seen vf4 twice. CTF has it and a place in augusta GA that I’ve been too, I played the crap out of Evo on PS2 but you are right not that many people seem to play it, which is weird cause it went greatest hits which means there are 600,000 owners of that damn game, where is everyone at!?

The void will get smaller when more American gamers can get their hands on the games and give them a shot. The problem is at college our local arcade has a busted marvel 2, sc2 and t5. At home my arcade has busted 3s, sc2 and t5. See a pattern? Non fighting game community arcades only get the big namco releases, and they keep a cap cabinet around for nostalgia purposes, but they dont keep it up and that kills off anyone who is even interested in learning the game.

Sorry if I didnt relate it to the topic.

Just another game that you could add to the list of american dominated fields.

I guess you can put every Mortal Kombat fighter on the list too… and Def Jam.

It is somewhat of a Valid point – it’s a game we play more then Japan does, although some of the initial stuff makes me think SC3 will end up broken (guard step to nullify parries = lol)

Consoles killed the arcade star…over here, atleast

What exactly is your definition of “look” & “street cred?”

The VF4 machine in new york is good for hanging your coat on while playing SSF2T.

On a serious note, I think poor joystick maintenance is a major factor, historically speaking.

ROFL. Yea. Joy stick maintenance is a big factor cause in Montgomery’s arcade, on the 2P side on T5 they have 1, 2, and 3 as a japanese button but 4 is an American button. So yea, I just play on pad when playing there.

I don’t really think he meant anything by that, but over here, people would much rather play a shitty glitch-fest with pretty flashing lights (you know…the one japanese don’t like playing) than anything that isn’t made by Capcom. So quick to talk shit to/about snk fans, but then moaning about the death of their precious “community”. Guess what: your community would grow, or at least stop dying so fast if you weren’t so close-minded. This shit’s like Europe. The accepted and welcomed part (Capcom, Sammy) is damn near geriatric, and the newcomers (SNK and their affiliates, as well as a few other non-flashy-screen fighter makers) are all young and active…but hated. There’s no growth. It’s all entrophy. That and lousy distribution of cabinets is killing the us arcade market.