The VolcanicAkuma55 thread



I just wanted to know what people thought of me, my akuma, and my playstyle. Also cuz MooiboyRoy asked me not to. If u need help with ur opinion, u can watch my matches on youtube (i dont post them, others do). Accidentally created this first under 3rd Strike so ignore that one.


Dude… Really?


You’re a scrub, and you spelled my name wrong.


Somebody please lock this thread.


8=======> ~ ~ ~


much hate for this thread there is. n yes really


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Who the fuck makes a thread about themselves?


What videos on YouTube? I don’t seem to recall them being on my page anymore :wink:


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Regardless of how good you may be,

This thread is made of epic FAIL.


Because this thread is useless. You’re not contributing to the community in any such way. You’re not throwing up matchup advice, setups or offering to play some sessions. Play your game, make some noise at events and the community will let you know if you’re any good. You shouldn’t have to ask. That’s retarded.
Do you really think the guys people follow and look to asked for verification? No. They played the game… And if you’re Shinakuma204 you also multiquoted your way to recognition.


Shin and Superlollo…please start a quote war. Those were so much enjoyable than the recent rash of threads.


Or just have this thread re-direct to the tier-list thread…