The Vs series: your favorite games/moments?

in a few more days, it will be 14 years since the release of X-men vs. Street fighter, Aka the the game that started what would become one of the craziest fighting series ever-the Vs. series. to celebrate, let’s talk about your favorite moments in the 9 games of the series so far. from the shocking twist of your buddy being the last boss in XMvSF, or playing as a giant the first time in TVC, what are your favorite moments? oh, and I addd MVC3, too. :karate:

Well, no one can argue that MvC2 was the best gameplay wise (Some debate MvC1) but in the non-gameplay aspects MSHvsSF was king.

Most of this was due to the music and the announcer. The announcer was so key. “Choose your alter ego” was WAYYY better then “Select your hero”.

i cant choose a favorite =\ all have their charms to me

XvSF my favorite character art overall. just awesomely over the top
MSHvSF maybe my least favorite, in that i didnt spend as much time with it as the other 3
MvC my favorite character select music of any game ive ever played. least favorite announcer. favorite hyper screen artwork flash.
MvC2 favorite announcer. favorite presentation. least favorite backgrounds and music. favorite super jump/hit/juggle effects. favorite character select screen artwork.
MvC3 ruling is still out

man i thought there was going to be some boss vids in here ‘_’;

My favorite VS game is Capcom vs. the 80s.

Marvel Super Heroes for the animation, X-Men Vs Street Fighter for the sound, Marvel Vs Capcom 2 for the gameplay…

X-Men Vs Street Fighter=First VS game of the series, and was absolutely amazing!

Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter=Also very awesome. Loved fighting Cyber Akuma. Omega Red was also beast in this.

Marvel Vs Capcom=Lovely music, great third character assists, and an awesome line-up

Marvel Vs Capcom 2=One of the best fighting games of all time. Had everyone from the previous games, and more. A nightmare for those who only choose their fav characters, but a treat for those who take the time to learn them as much as possible, and proceed to win against much better teams.

The games that made these happen (Marvel Super Heroes and X-Men Children of the Atom) will forever be considered great, no matter how far surpassed they are by later games.

my favorite was MSHvSF…as a kid it had all my favorite characters. Cyber Akuma was an awesome boss (even tho he was hard as hell)
my second was Marvel vs Capcom 1

My favorite was the first Marvel vs Capcom. 3P, 3K, Strider, Jin, CapCom, Venom, Gambit… all characters were really fun to play.

In second place I would have X-Men vs Street Fighter. I wish we had a second vs game with X-Men characters. Maybe “Rival Schools featuring Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters”? One can only dream of.

Favorite Game: MVC2. Insane speed, incredible amount of characters. It was plain insanity when you played it right.

My favorite moment would probably be the cookie-cutter answer of Justin’s comeback with Cyclops at EVO 2K7 (?). Mad hype, even do Yipes ended up winning the championship, I could’ve never seen Justin comeback that way. Other of my favorite moments is Clock VS Yipes this past EVO 2K10, and a match between Soo and Justing in which Soo just beasted all the way since the beginning of the match with Magneto.

I was in a week-long perpetual shock when I seen XvSF in the arcades for the first time. Far as I was concerned it was the greatest thing in the history of the universe. The feeling never really repeated itself, even though I love the series.

I feel some of that ‘shock hype’ seeing Street Fighter x Tekken, though, no way I saw that coming.

There should really be a Vs game compilation.

my favorite moment in the vs series are alot of justins comebacks, like the 1 pixel one. soo beasting on justin was awesome too. i also liked amir vs bbhood ranbats, mostly for dogface commentary. theres too many matches i watch all the time of mvc2 to pick lol

I wasn’t much into fighting games, but i remember when our arcade at our mall had MvC1. Watching megaman turn into his huge form was insanely exciting for me. even though i couldn’t do anything useful in the game the few times i tried.

i kinda personally prefer CvS2 (here’s hoping for a 3rd one of them!)

Being dragged by my best friend to the arcade (on a Sunday no less) just because he found out that there was an X-Men vs. Street Fighter game.

The game is frozzzzzeeennnn!!!

finding out that it was possible to combo 4 sonic breaks in a row with charlie

Seeing Ken do his Shinryuken for the 1st time I glanced at XvsSF in a pizza shop…it had me at “hello”.

CoTA at the bowling alley if that counts.

In 199goddamnwheneveritcameout.

Last week in MVC2, I won using 3 Dans… Epic Win

Lol learning to not panic after a launch and get an air combo out properly.