The VSLASH art thread

Hi, got a scanner and have been goofing around with drawing and am trying to get better.

All critiques and comments are more then welcome.

Sketch 2…

Sketch 3…

Sketch 4…

Holy shit your avatar is too hot VS!

Anyways, I’m not at all surprised that Tsunade came out the best of the three. The breast shine was a nice touch. The others have a nitpick here and there with the legs being a bit thin, otherwise I love your style.

Draw me something (shit I am such a whore)! Orochi seal cursed Sakura even XD!


Thank you, an orochi seal cursed sakura ?? Hahaha.

I could draw something for you if you wanted.

Here’s a picture of Ky to match the one of Sol ( my friend wanted a picture of Ky because he likes him more )

I’d love a drawing from you.

Nice Ky picture. Neck seems long.

of all the posted stuff, the Ky is the best one

hotness . . .

i wonder if i should finally get a thread of my own started here rather than leeching off of Image Mishmash

Ha,it is a lil long, whoops !

I have no idea who I’m going to draw next.

Ha cool stuff Vslash. I didn’t know you were into drawing.

Yup always was, but never had an opportunity to post anything.

Here is a picture of Steve that took awhile to get right ( notice his erased uppercutting arm lol )

I-No sketch ! Weeee !

cool stuff, Vicious.
there’s character in your drawings, which is nice.

If you’re trying to get better my suggestion is that you read up a bit on anatomy. Characterization-wise you’re pretty good, anatomy will help give your characters a more ‘solid’ feel.

Having references for pics help when depicting difficult poses (like the I-No one)… her breasts shouldn’t be where they are.

good stuff, post more :slight_smile:

I kinda don’t like the way this one turned out. Oh well. :tup:

I LOVE I-no, and Tsunade (you know why).

Yes. The funbags look attached to her throat. I don’t mean to be insulting or anything. :B Same for the Tsunade, the boobs seem unnaturally shiny. But er. I think you’re stuff’s good so far.

Definitely. :tup:

Thats a picture of strider I wanted to do for awhile. I want to go over it in paint shop pro to make it look all neat/clean it up.

Some really good shit you got there.

The first two and the Ken sketch are alittle weird tho… I REALLY like the ones of Ky, Mugen, Steve and Ino tho. :tup:

I could’ve sworn that I had posted in this thread at least once, but it appears that I was wrong. You’ve got a lot of good stuff VS. :tup: At least now I can see why you’re such an av-making beast.


Gracias. Gracias mucho. Or whatever means thank you very much in spanish. I will probably draw the sisters from ROD next. That anime was too good.

But my scanner is at school so no drawing for a week and some change.