The Walking Dead TV Show Thread that doesn't include anything on paper


Talk about the SHOW here and the SHOW alone. I don’t care if you want things to go like in the comics, you don’t mention that shit in here unless it’s in spoiler tags. Spoiler tags don’t work on the skin you’re using? Change skin.

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EVO 2014. Let's get faded
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I want to kiss you. Let’s make it happen.


all you idiots had to do is this…

thanks val :slight_smile:


Thank You. It’s sad it had to go this far but, hopefully, this thread will do better.


Damn you people asking for common courtesy ruined a good thing…


I’d blow you val, except I read that Ginger is contagious. And fuck that nonsense. Rather get bit by a walker


I feel able to post now.

…but I have nothing to say

edit: Reference to AMC should be removed from the other thread’s title.


Why bother? The thread is closed.


Oh hadn’t realized it was closed.


Just spoiler tag it like we did in the last thread. I did not even know it was posted, I will watch a playthrough soon then.


lul. anyone else find this hilarious. when did srk become so fucking soft?


One poster decided to try and be cute so he kept arguing he should be able to spoil it for everyone because he doesn’t care about spoilers. He should have just been banned instead of splitting the threads.


Yeah man, fuck the rules. You should make a child porn thread just to stick it to SRK!


I think I can speak for majority of the walking dead posters…Yall fuckers stop your bitching; clean out the sand in your vagina and move on. New thread if you don’t follow VAL will go Ricktatorship on your candy asses!


Omg, I can come into the Walking Dead thread now! Man I hate how poorly that black chick swings that sword. If the character is a live next season she needs to take lessons so she can stop swinging that katana like a girl.



Does anything think anything will happen to Rick’s hands? They’ve really been focusing on their importance to the story.


I love how it was just said not to spoil shit in this very thread, and you two go on with a future spoiler.



Whoops, fixed. Okay: you guys hate the governor? Creepy dude, isn’t he? You don’t know the half of it. If any of you still read, check out the tv show tie-in novels, “Rise Of The Governor” and “The Road To Woodberry”.


They don’t read the scripts. the scripts read them.