The Walking Dead TV Show Thread that doesn't include anything on paper


Yes, Andrew Lincoln is leaving the show. I really hope they end the season 10 will be the last one. Red Shirt guy that died has probably died in one of the stupidest ways possible. He goes to go free a horse, fine. Understandable. No one fucking helps him though, choosing to stand around like a fucking dumb ass while walkers are closing in. And then the guy gets bit by a fucking ninja zombie that was somehow hiding around the corner of the wagon in the middle of a wide open road. Somehow no one saw this zombie and went to go help this guy. To make matters worse, about ten minutes earlier Ezekiel practically falls into a pit of walkers and comes out UNSCATHED. Fuck this show. lmao

I don’t know if I can bear to watch it anymore. I might just skip out on this season. AMC ruined this show. Watch Better Call Saul instead since the creators actually care about the quality of the storytelling and not just the paycheck the show produces.


No man… Don’t leave me alone. Please watch it to the end with me.


The show died a few seasons ago.

It was during the lost episode:

“Gimple Bites.”

It was more than a metaphor.

You are literally watching The Walking Dead.



It’s Hebrew for “Le Gimp”.

What did you expect?

Hollywood never gets French nuance right.

He can’t even keep his “self-insertion” to himself.

Gotta manifest it on-screen.

Straight literal interpretation up in this joint.


AMC didn’t kill TWD. The Walking Dead as a media franchise is its name. It’s been dying a slow painful death even without AMC fucking up the show. That’s what happens when you make a property with no end game. Eventually people will stop giving a shit because nothing matters.


so how many of them will be moving to the MCU or DCEU?


I don’t know how much longer I plan to watch. I see myself really hating whatever happens to Rick and giving up afterwards.


I’m probably just gonna drop the show and read a synopsis of the season. Don’t think I can bear to watch a whole season just to find out how Rick leaves.


This not looking good but I’m riding wit you Rick till the end bro!!


Golf Clap brother! went out like a true g!


yup. he had to die so his career can live.


Except he didn’t and he’s still doing movies. He doesn’t care about his career, just being at home.


Brilliant episode, can’t remember the last episode I enjoyed.


I haven’t been watching, but I did see from previews that it looked like Rick was going to die. How did they write him out? I also expected him to leave at the end of the season, not before even the mid season finale.


Wow…i mean wow. They went there and man what a ep i can say honestly i enjoyed the ride till here.


just watched it, and yes Ric didn’t die… however, i thought it was a cheap and stupid episode. It was nothing more than marketing ploy just to get people to watch the season because last season was shit and had too many stupid decision makings that caused people to lose interest. To me, this was the same thing.


Jesus H. Christ. :rofl::joy:


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