The Walking Dead walks onto your TV screen thanks to AMC

Best news I’ve heard in a long time.

I friend of mine torrented the entire series and I completed it this past weekend. I love the book, I can only hope they will stay true to the story. I read on another forum that creator said that if this book ever gets a TV treatment, he would want it shot in black & white only.

Anyone else excited by this news???

AMC has shown it can do great shows with Breaking Bad and Mad Men, so I think this’ll turn out good.

I’d rather see it on HBO or SHOWTIME just so they could add more blood/swears.

So Kirkman’s a sellout too. Hopefully it fails after a couple of episodes and people could just think it was a bad dream. Leave comics alone Hollywood.

A fan asked if there were any plans to bring “The Walking Dead” to television stations such as HBO and Showtime. Kirkman said he couldn’t say anything publicly yet, but there are plans in the works and he might have an announcement soon. Would he consider a film version? “I would prefer a television show, but I am a bit of a cover your ears, kids whore,” he admitted. “So, if Michael Bay wants to do a movie, I’m there. Exploding zombies!”

i saw this on G4… i was pumped… but now that i hear AMC is doing it… not so much… i would also have liked it to be handled by a more amture oriented network like HBO er sumthin… i mean WD is the goriest of my favorite comics and i’ve read every issue… so to leave it’s TV adaptation to a network who will have to water it down due to censorship is kinda troubling me… but when everything is said and done i’ll give the first couple episodes a watch and see id they did it right…

terrific news! my biggest concern was that they would try to squeeze everything into a movie or two. tv is the perfect medium for this big of a cast. it will allow the proper screen time for each character to develop as they did/do in the comic.

as for Kirkman being a sell out- i hope he makes an obscene amount of money over the obvious care, talent, and effort he and his crew put into the Walking Dead. Even if the worst case scenario comes to past- the tv adaptation turns out to be garbage. it wouldnt matter to me- the comics wouldnt be diminished for me. He did a great job, i WANT the guy to get paid. from what i heard- comics dont pay well, unless you get a deal like Kirkman apparently might.

generally im disappointed in the comic book adaptations, but i tend to avoid nearly all of the recent movies and just spend my money at the comic shop on the real deal. thanks for the post- first i heard of the it!