The Walking Dead

I’m surprised there isn’t a thread for this already (at least not one that I was able to find using search).

I recently started to get back in to comics a bit because of the 30 Days of Night movie. Before it was released, I found out that it was based on a comic, so I went out and picked up volumes 1 & 2. While getting those, I noticed The Walking Dead comics, so I picked up volumes 1 & 2 for that series as well. I’m currently half way through vol 4 and I’m hooked. :lovin:

I like how TWD doesn’t really focus specifically on the zombie killing part; I’m enjoying how they portray each character’s level of tolerance with the new zombie infested world, and also the emphasis on the character’s state of mind. I wouldn’t mind if there were some more zombie violence though. :wink:

Anyone else read TWD ?

Is the series still ongoing? What’s the latest vol? 7, 8 ?

Tyreese is top F’ing tier ! Michonne is awesome too.

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I love it. And the current volume ends with the biggest cliffhanger I have ever seen in a comic. Seriously, I might just start picking up the small paperbacks because I can’t wait until the next volume.

I love Walking Dead because it’s just so unpredictable. None of the characters are invincible hero types and the main character is painfully human and has had some really fucked up things happen to him physically and emotionally.

Just when you think that the people finally get a break the shit hits the fan whether by zombies, other humans or each other and not everybody survives the aftermath.

I honestly think this is the most realistic depiction of how life in a post zompocalyptic world ever written.

One of my favorite sequences that actually made me jump was early in the story when they are holed up in that abandoned gated suburb.
Can’t give away too much without spoilage, but it reinforced the fact that EVERYBODY in this story is expendable.

Oh, the supply raid in Atlanta was cool too! Just too many cool scenes to mention!

Didn’t kirman mentioned that his neighbor would join the gang?

it’s weird, but I actually fear for these characters after reading the latest issue, the Governor is MAAADDD PISSSEEED, and got the whole town to back him up. Plus those preview images make me fear the worst for the cast. Freaking Kirkman has done an excellent job of building up his cast to the point of making me care for most of them. Hell it even made me sad when Crazy Carol did what she did

EXACTLY! It’s hard not to develop some sort of empathy for most of the characters. Most survival horror stories, I can’t wait for the survivors to start being picked off one by one because they’re usually unlikable, forgettable people that you have no connection with.
Not so with this storyline.

Michonne should have done a lot more than just mutilate that crazy ass governor. when you cut off a man’s junk, you better make sure you don’t leave him alive. I’d be mad pissed too.

Yes I like and read this series very much, thing is I remeber the writter saying he likes to just bump people off when he feels like it, so thats why outa nowhere most times a zombie just grabs someone and their gone, easy way to write them out.

The whole rapeing thing though dunno about, I know it turned alot of readers off, and they stopped buying it.

Ive heard they were thinking of making this into a show, I think it could be really big if they did it, since its not all zombie kills all the time, more stories even people who are not into zombies would relate to.

Could be the new lost or heroes, if they did it right, I dont think their is even a show about zombies, so it would be something different.

The way the story’s going I wouldn’t be surprised if it was coming to an end pretty soon.

I’m trying to think of how they could fend off the governor. And I can’t think of anything ! I fthey still have the nades, they could try to blow them up before reaching the fence, but this won’t happen as they weren’t prepared for an attack. They could all head inside, but the tank can crush the walls and they are outnumbered and outgunned in case of a firefight.

And if the governor captures Michonne again, I dare not imagine what he would do to her.

I think they will be forced to abandon the prison, but not without taking a lot of casualties and once again I will find myself bummed when characters I like get whacked. I swear I need to stop getting so attached to these people!

Either that or somehow they once again underestimate the zombies and while they humans are fighting a huge zombie horde begins to bear down on them.

I just picked up the remaining volumes up to 7 last night. :wgrin: Currently reading vol 5.

Yeah I also noticed that anyone can pretty much get chomped on at any moment; that’s pretty awesome. I guess it works out as a writer 'cause if you’re ever low on characters to kill off, you can always have the existing characters run into new ones.

I would love to see something like this as a TV series, that would be so awesome. Come to think of it, I don’t ever recall any zombie tv shows either. The closest thing I can think of is Tales from the Crypt? And even that wasn’t a series really, but more of individual segments.

Was there anything important about that person lying next to the bike in vol 1?

About Dexter, I can’t help but feel bad for that guy. Do you guys think he deserved what happened to him?

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I wouldn’t. Would it be too much to ask that at least one of my favorite comic book series not sell out to a mass market audience? Probably. :sad:

Yeah, that kinda sucked how he got peaced out like that, but it’s just another example about how all the characters I seem to like get done in.
I liked Dexter, but I guess the Bad Ass Brutha role has already been filled by Tyreese… can’t have TOO many strong bruthas running around now can we. :wink:

Shut up, Rick! :lol: And Dexter would have been a HUGE problem to begin with. Fuck him. Better to have a threat on the outside, than outside AND in.

I’ve been wondering the same thing since the book began. I guess if Kirkman intended to explore that, he would have done it by now.

You guys OMG I got a sneak peak at issue 44 and OMG

sneak peak



i like this series but at about the point where they


found the prison

i felt the story began to move to slowly.

i hate michonne. i want to fuck the shit out of lori, I don’t care if she bitches all day. that scene with her and shane got me all hot. :smiley:

Yeah, I felt the same way. It seemed like there wasn’t a sense of immediate urgency anymore, things were a bit more chill - at least against the undead.

I finally got around to finishing Vol 7.

The shit has hit the fan !

I wanna see the “Oro + Sagat Guy” tear shit up.

Without giving too much away I’ll say that the latest issue was surprising.

I purchased the first 2 volumes of this yesterday because of this thread alone.

Excellent story, I read through them both that night and i’m hooked. I’ll be going back to my Borders today to buy the other 2 and to special order the rest.

This thread owns, thanks for making it, otherwise I would have passed up this great series.