The Watch Dogs thread - Ready for this game? I bet you can't hack it


Didn’t seem like anyone was willing to make the thread for this so I’m gonna go ahead and toss it up there. I am pretty fuckin hype for this game and it just seems like fun.

Premise: You are Aiden Pierce. A Hacker…and a damn good one at that. Nobody’s lives are privy from you and your phone and neither is pretty much anything electronically controlled in Chicago. You have access to bank accounts, records on people, cameras throughout the city, street lights, etc. The phone isn’t your only tool since you are also pretty good at using firearms and you have a night stick to Rodney King people. Specifics on your motivations in Chicago have been vague somewhat but as of right now you’re out getting revenge for something that happened to someone close to you so you’ve decided to go Batman…only you’re not afraid of killing people.

There will be a morality system in this game with several layers instead of just being just ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Depending upon how you approach certain situations will also depend upon how the public will view you. If you take down a douche bag without much collateral on your part then maybe the citizens won’t snitch on you when your picture shows up on the TV in a coffee shop you just happen to be visiting. If you take out a douchebag and end up doing untold amounts of damage to the city and killing innocents in the process then you may find yourself on the run more often. Other things that you do will also mess with your standing with the citizens…Can you bring it upon yourself to hack into the account of a young family with a newborn child? Or will you be the guy with no fucks left to give?


Debut E3 2012 Trailer

World Premier Out of Control Gameplay Trailer

E3 2013 Exposed CGI Trailer

Multiplayer Trailer

once Ubisoft puts this up officially I will replace this.

Story Trailer

Playstation Exclusive Trailer

Welcome To Chicago


E3 2012 Gameplay

Open World Gameplay Premiere commentated

E3 2013 Gameplay Walkthrough

8 Minute Multiplayer Walkthrough Demo

This game is being released for all home consoles…360, PS3, Wii U, Xbone, and PS4. Let the discussion and thread begin!


Watch Dogs Gameplay Series Part 1 Hacking Is Your Weapon


Watch Dogs - GC 13 Dedsec Trailer


Yeah I’m hype for this as well. I’ve been watching this game for a while now. Supposedly out by the middle of Nov but that’s unconfirmed.

So gona try this game IRL once the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch comes out.

Edit: Oh, and I will be the guy with no more fucks left to give on the first play through.


Watch Dogs - 14 minute Gameplay demo


I imagine this game will be pretty much Assassins Creed 3 to me, 3 days of busting out the platinum trophy thinking the game is awesome then generally agreeing with everybody else that its bullshit after.

No doubt am buying this, coming with the PS4 baby but unless immersion factor is GTA3 standard I dont think ill be playing it long.


GTA+Assassin’s Creed+Deus EX…as I said before if this game is anything short of one of this generation’s best it will be a huge letdown. Please don’t be the gaming equivalent of Prometheus.


^ For some strange reason, I immediately had memories of The Bouncer…


Mikado is still the most awesome villian from Square.

‘Fighting for the sake of fighting!’

yea the game was ballz :S but only because with the exception of Mikado and the old master all the character designs were atrocious, FMVs were too long, the fighting system was garbage, the ragdoll physics were too much and the tag moves didnt do shit all damage.


This was the only game I reserved for ps4. I really look forward to playing it. I was just in Chicago two weeks ago and it is interesting being in certain areas that were in the game. They did a great job with the environment model.


Hey it had photo realistic graphics! :rofl: It was a pretty decent beat’emup it just wasn’t anywhere near the killer system seller all the gaming magazines hyped it to be.


Been a moment since I updated this thread but we’re pretty much a month away from the game being released so here are the vids that have been posted thus far.

Story Trailer

Playstation Exclusive Trailer

Welcome To Chicago

8 Minute Multiplayer Walkthrough Demo

Eurogamer Watchdogs Preview


I think the whole premise and protagonist of the game is just bollocks.

Oh yea, it’s going to be one hell of a disappointment if the game doesn’t deliver. I really don’t see anything likable about Watch Dogs aside from the environment.


I haven’t read anything about this game since seeing the E3 trailer from way back. I am pumped! Next-gen graphics, here we come!!


This is the only game I care about at the moment on Ps4, but now that I see it’s going to be on pc there isn’t really any incentive for me to get a ps4 lol


Not a fan of Metal Gear Solid?

Although I wouldn’t get a PS4 either just to play the upcoming MGSV:TPP(and Ground Zeroes). They’re said to be released on PC as well, so good news for us.

Edit: although i will be sad not being able to play MGO with people from srk…:lol:

  • might get a PS4 just for that reason alone.


Anyone expecting this to live up to the E3 2012 reveal will be disappointed, but from all the footage I’ve seen so far it can possibly be one the best sandbox games ever which is saying a lot.


Shit they are giving this game away for free with the purchase of certain video cards.


Vs. Reality

There’s some new footage in this doc.


Re-Imagining Chicago