The Watering Hole: Xbox Live player thread

Anyone who wants to practice their high-level Morrigan shenanigans on Xbox Live can post their gamertag here. Make sure to post your region so players can stay local and minimize lag if they want.

BobThePlatypus (New York, NY)

GT: a STARS member (San Diego, California)

Cyanide2pic (NYC)

I roll with Joe/Deadpool/Morrigan ATM.

GT is PKSkyler. From San Diego California

So I’m going to bump and revive this thread. I dropped Morrigan in tournaments in vanilla so I could be more competitive at EVO last year, but I picked her up again in UMvC3 because she’s much more viable. Now that lobbies have spectator mode, this thread might actually be useful.

If you’re a Morrigan player that would like to practice against other Morrigan players (or find players who want to practice against you) post your XBL GT or PSN ID and region (so people can minimize lag).

So I’m going to kick it off again: BobThePlatypus (XBL), New York, NY
I play about 12 different characters, but Morrigan/Mags/Trish are my tourney mains