The way I get DP -> CA consistently

Just figured I would post my method of cancelling DP into CA consistently, if you have a different way that works for you feel free to post it.
(assuming in a combo)
I do 5MP, 3HP, 6, 236HP, 236HP
(the motion is essentially as you press HP, you move up a bit then do 2 HP hadokens in a row)

(To read the notation look at your numpad, numbers represent directions on numpad, 2 is down, 6 is forward, 5 is neutral, etc)

This is also how I do it

I do that combo a tad differently: I’ll do st MP, then hold forward, then roll down to 2, press HP, roll back up to 6, press HP, then do one more 236+HP.

Thats not the traditional easy way of doing it.

You just need 2 quarter circle type motions only. DP and one quarter circle forward gets you DP cancel into CA.

Just need to buffer the crouching HP with down of the DP.

Could you possibly clarify on what this means? This is a problem I definitely have but I’m not familiar with this notation.

Just read the top part for the numerical notations everything else is GG stuff:

You don’t have to do the 6 after the 3HP, though. At least I’ve gotten by with skipping it.

thanks for the info, I appreciate it

I’ve found that without doing it I tend to get hadoken


When I quickly input 5MP, 3HP, the game assumes I’m going for target combo and gives me the same result as 5MP, 5HP. Is there any way around this, or do I just need to learn the timing to delay the 3HP long enough to have it be read as a cr.HP?

Can you elaborate, maybe using notation? Thanks!

Yea sure. So basically the dragon punch motion counts as the dragon punch and also first quarter circle of the super.

DP into CA:

6 2 3 HP
2 3 6 HP

To add the CR HP

6 2 HP 3 HP
2 3 6 HP

This is the easy way to do it.

It works a treat with Ken as you can cancel his DP into super with a fireball motion with a kick.

I’m struggling with this on the P1 side lol… I can 3MK xx CA quite easily on the P1 side, but I can’t 3MK xx FB xx CA properly nor can I 6 2 HP 3 HP xx CA properly.

Must hit the training mode more

Is it impossible to get this by doing 5MP 2 HP 6 236 HP 236 HP?

All these 5,6,2 etc. got me confused Lol. I’m having a hard time canceling the DP into super, I’ve tried doing the DP then immediately just doing a fireball so the first DP motion will buffer but I can’t get it to work. Without any combo before that what am I supposed to do? I mean if I just want to cancel the DP into super?

The numbers correspond with directions – look at a numpad. 236 = quarter circle forward

Yea I got that thanks, but still can’t land the DP into a super, I think it depends on how you’re crouching but I’ll have to test it out.

So it’s a dragon punch then just a fireball and you get it consistently? I’m trying that but it’s not working for me.

Yep. Thats worked for quite a few SF games. You probably aren’t doing it fast enough.

623 hp doesn’t work which I have just tested extensively @KungFoo
It works if you end the dragon punch in forward though

The shortcut system seems to work this way: You need 4 inputs for a CA which are :d: :f: :d: :f: in that exact order.
In order to find the shortest route to the desired CA cancel, you just have to add the inputs that are missing somewhere in this sequence.

I found:
:d: :hp: :f: :d: :df: :hp: :f: :hp: to be the most input efficient cr.HP xx HP SRK xx CA

I’d like to ask @Eternal how the shortcut system works in detail though or if someone of you has a link or knows a sticky where I can read up the exact mechanics of this confusing-ass system.

Here’s a screenshot for the 4 inputs CA:


Here the shortest route in action (ignore the first forward input, that’s me walking up to the dummy and the punch on forward is me mashing):


I couldn’t get to input :f: :d: :hp: :df: :hp: :d: :df: :f: :hp:cleanly without sliding over :f: on end of the srk motion in a speed where it should work.
But based on what I found about the input shortcut system so far, it seems like :df: inputs block CA’s completely unless you slide over to :f: shortly after :df: :hp: in which case the uppercut gets “eaten” and replaced by a CA, which happens often to me when I practice :d: :lk: :d: :lp: :dp: :hp: hit confirms.