The Way to Practice

Well i want to get better in Kof2k2 and beat my friends i know practice is the key, but what should i practice, i’ve been playing kof for ahwhile and i don’t see any change in my skill so can anyone tell me a good way to practice

It depends on how dedicated you want to be. Simply playing a lot will help, as most fighting game physical skill comes from muscle memory. Mentally, do you want to “Play to win” or “Play for fun”? If you chose to play to win, this ebook will be invaluable to you. If you wish to just play for fun and with friends, organize a game night and just play.

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Learn properties of moves, speed, recovery, range, priority, etc.
Learn good pokes for your characters, then learn how to counter other character’s pokes.
Learn different types of combos (hitconfirm combos, punishment combos, BC combos, etc), then learn the set-ups for the combos (what to do when you’re close, what to do when you’re far away, when to activate BC combos, etc).

Also, pay attention to what you’re friends are doing, what kind of tactics they use that give you trouble, tactics they have trouble fighting against, and so forth.

Watch pros; incorporate techniques. Practice!

QFT! Also, Don’t forget to learn how to properly block…other than that this post sums it up. Remember you can practice all you want but if you don’t practice the right way…it doesn’t matter!

More like:

Don’t try to take anything from outside sources until you get a good feel of the character yourself. Only when you have a firm understanding of what you’re dealing with is when you should then try to take strategies from other places(top players, guides, etc). If you try base your game around what others do in the game, you’ll end up losing a lot of matches because

  1. You never why the character is good at what they do
  2. It’s not your strategy, how are you supposed to make it work for you?

The best way to get good at a game is to make your gameplay solid then look for ways to eliminate your holes. You shouldn’t try to participate in NASCAR when you haven’t even gotten your learner’s permit.

After all this, just practice your consistency with pulling off combos, then play characters you’ve never really bothered with before. Things such as “winning a match with only your punch buttons” helps you figure out whats really good for countering things when you don’t have the usual special/super/normal to help you out with. Think outside the box, ask yourself “whats a good way to punish a jump-in other than the standard dp?”

This is how I do it.

One way to practice is trying find out what your weaknesses are and try to work on improving them.

Sherime, Kula , Ramon

I’ve played you…you tend to mash too much. I’d stop that…

I’d suggest putting Kula first…she builds stock fast with her far B pokes and qcb+B and generally doesn’t use much stock outside of her crouch Bx2, far B, dp+C supercancel combo. Not sure who you should have last…it’s a strange team to me.

From what I remember about your Ramon, you don’t cancel things into qcb+C, which you should…it allows you to put on some good pressure. Some useful strings using qcb+C would be Crouch A, df+B, qcb+C, crouch C/sweep, df+B, qcb+C, etc. Mixup some hop attacks after a qcb+C from time to time. Also, his close C, df+B, qcb+C, dash up crouch C, df+B, qcb+A/qcb hcf+K combo is really good but I don’t think you will be able to do it…it takes a lot of practice. HMm what else…I don’t remember what you knew about Ramon’s normals. Generally, your air to air of choice is jump CD due to it’s high speed and priority. For crossups, use jump C…For air to ground, I’m actually not so sure about this one…don’t know if the priority on jump B is anything good, I just use jump C or D.

I don’t remember what your Shermie used to do, but I remember you didn’t use her stand CD at all…it’s a very high priority move that has good vertical range as well. Throw it out from time to time as early anti-airs, it is very nasty. Also, I think you used to do random qcb+P’s with Shermie, I’d probably stop that. For defense, I’d check out utilizing her vertical high jump D. It has very high priority…but don’t spam it or someone’s going to run under you and combo you in the back.

And one more thing…don’t run full speed at me and roll through my character, it’s silly and nonsensical. Begging to get thrown/comboed.

Since you have two characters with hcbx2 throw supers, I’d suggest you learn how to do those instantly…hcb, run up, hcb+P is a shortcut to do instant throw supers from a run. Practice that.

despite sounding like a jerk, emil gives good suggestions. what he’s trying to tell you may be hard to incorporate though so if anything i’d just ask others for games and try to take into consideration how others feel about their playing against you and where they think you could be more solid.

Nightwing in particular learn the basics of KOF first…

So you know how to Hyperhop?

Do you know how to CD Counter? Know that KOF is not meant to be played like Stret Fighter.

Esp the first question…Hyperhop…you’ve gotta know how to do that or your game will be very very slow!

Do you?

Also if anyone wants to be condescending to you dude pay them no mind… :rofl: Remind them that they too were noobs once!!! :tup:

This probably hasn’t been said yet because of “obviousness”–learn to read people’s posts slowly to get the most information out of it.

I’m practicing this combo with Ramon:
I can get the ending good starting with the :dp:+:snkd:, but the beginning I’m having problems with, any tips , and if u have anymore combos 2 add/or add to that combo string please post it, much appreciated.

O.o Well I was actually just now looking through my favs and remember I had these vids.

edit: the second one has more of Shermie in it.

and yet in the end you still suck…

Yeah well your moms a respected member of the community! :annoy:

Uup, here we go. I knew I saw it somewhere., great vid. Goes from bnb’s to some more advanced stuff with each character.

When i was playing i realized even thou u know a combo it’s hard to excute unless u have stratergy which i dont have…:sad: