SF4 Results

1 Hijinks (Gouken)
2 WB! (Chun)
3 PsychoChronic (Rose)
4 Tsuroka (Boxer)
5 Darthpaul1982 (Ryu)
5 Fareed (Sagat)
7 RXS (Boxer/Dictator)
7 JED07 (Guile)
9 T-MAC (Sagat)
9 Cainne (Gief)
9 Mong00se (Ryu)
9 Drekken (Claw)

STHD Results

1 JED07 (Dictator)
2 PsychoChronic (Chun/Claw/Ken/Dictator)
3 WB!(Ken/Chun)
4 Fareed (Claw)
5 DarthPaul1982 (Ryu)
5 Hijinks (Sagat)
7 RXS (Ryu/Boxer)
7 Tsuroka (Boxer)
9 Mong00se (Ryu)
9 Cainne (Boxer)
9 Drekken (Ken)


:tup: Congratulations to Mario on winning SFIV and Josh on winning STHD. :tup:


JED has leveled up! Congrats on the win, man!

Next time, show me your Dictator shenanigans and Touch of Death combos.


Good games to everyone today.

Despite all the issues surrounding the tourney and a lot of people seemingly deciding this tourney isn’t worth it, the Pownz staff were still awesome about everything.

Good to see some of the new players. DarthPaul looked like he has a really solid Ryu and Chris(forget his tag) had a good Balrog. Hope you keep up with the scene and keep trying to improve.

Congrats to Mario and Josh for the wins.


how’d i end up dead last when i won a match? or did nobody get shut out?


Congrats to the winners. It’s nice to see so many new names, despite a lot of old names cancelling. :smile:


good games to everyone today, you all shook my damn nerves lmao, that was honestly the most intense shit i have ever been through in the world of street fighter lmao


wow! How the hell did I come fifth in HD? I felt certain I’d be last. Thanks for a good tourny everyone, especially Vince. Sadly I played dumb in SF4 by the end of it; hopefully I’ll be able to keep my A game going for longer next time!




Despite all the hiccups and the lack of support for this tourney we all still had a great time. This tourney had some personal meaning for me as it was the first time I was graced with the opportunity to direct a tournament. I learned alot. I learned that now, more than ever we need to nurture the local SF community rather than relying on outside support (GTASF) and stand up on our own. Doing the POWNZ ranbats has shown me that, yes we have a local scene, yes we have people who want to play, yes there IS potential in the new generation of SF players in Hamilton.

A BIG Shout out to the Hamilton players

Cainne - Your getting better keep at it! Keeping raising your level of play those ranbat rankings are waiting for you to take them!

Mong00se - GET THE GAME AND A STICK! You have the fire to improve yourself now you just need to properly apply it!

Darthpaul - Solid as always! Make sure you keep in touch, drop me your MSN address if you have them. We should definitly do casuals sometime outside the regular Wednesdays

Hijinks - I know you have alot of stuff going on outside playing SF but you surprised me to say the least. We need to get back to playing and not caught up in life all the time. GET THAT MONEY!

Fareed/Jed07/Psychochronic - I know you guys aren’t from Hamilton but you’re here often enough to be part of the family. You guys have my sincere thanks for always being supportive of the Hamilton Scene even though you guys are from out of town.

Tsuroka - MILTON REPRESENT! keep up your A game buddy! Nice to see you again!


Once again you guys provided service above and beyond what we expected. Unfortunately we could provide back the turnout we normally do and I apologize for that. Next time things will be big again and we’ll all have a great time! THANK YOU SO MUCH ONCE AGAIN YOU NEVER FAIL TO PROVIDE GREAT SERVICE!

On another note something i’ve been thinking about Hiinks/RXS/Darthpaul TEAM NEW HAMMER at TX!?!?!? LETS DO IT



wow rxs your talking about me surprising you, well you just surprised me. the post that you made before this was i must say is honestly great. You made some good points about how this city has a SF Following and has players that have great potential in making a name for themselves in the Street Fighter community. We may not be the best, be we can get better, we can show the rest of the world that we can compete. Also another thanks to everyone that does show up from out of town like Fareed, Jed07, Psychochronic, and Tsuroka


Haha good job Mar. Gimme a call dude i wanna see this gouken that took out pwnz.

I got a claw with your name on it :rock:


next month, i’m getting dat fight moneh.


Interesting. Is TX the thing that’s on this weekend in Toronto? Not sure if 'm going to be available yet, unfortunately. I wont know until Wednesday. I’m definately up for it if I can go , but it depends. Also not sure exactly how I’ll get there as I’ve no idea about finding my way around Toronto!:confused: I should be able to tell you if I’m going at Ranbats on Wed.