The Weather Thread


This is about all things weather related. Basicallly, what the weather channel has on its topics to include climate past, present, and future. When will Mt Raineer blow its top? Hopefully, not anytime soon. Also, check this out:

SRK Lounge: Ronin was here
SRK Lounge: Ronin was here
SRK Lounge: Ronin was here



It rained today




The weather forecast on TV


It was like 40 degrees today but the wind made it feel colder


today was the same, cool with a wind chill


It didn’t rain today, and this thread is still a failure.


Someone delete this thread. This thread is not being used correctly…

SRK Lounge: Ronin was here

today was pretty nice day aside from the fact it was 40 degrees. cool breeze leaving the gym was appreciated


It’s dark out, hard to tell what the weather is.

I think it’s cloudy, though


I walked outside today and felt a drop of water land on my arm. I thought it was about to rain, but it didn’t.


It was really foggy over the rivers yesterday morning, which I can see it from my apartment window. The fog coupled with the fact it was slightly chilly made it a really nice morning even though it sounds dreary.

There was a really nice light rain as I was leaving the bar on Saturday night. Not too strong but more right in that wheelhouse of a soft sprinkle that is more than tolerable, it ended up being quite pleasant.

This morning was boring. Kind of warm with no real outstanding qualities.


I just wanted you all to know, I haven’t gone outside yet, so I can’t update you with the weather.

If I had to guess, I’d say it’s meh outside.

ps - i have blinds over my windows, so I can’t even look out the window. Sorry to let you all down, fellow weather enthusiasts.


I hope the World Series isn’t affected by inclement weather patterns

With all kinds of rain delays


i havent gone outside yet either today


I went outside to buy some ketchup chips. It was kinda chilly, but I was wearing a t-shirt. I don’t recall the cloud situation, I can go back out if any of you are as worried about weather as I am.


It was really overcast here today. Good fall weather, trees are turning colors, sprinkled the smallest bit. Woulda been a great day for some football.

I think the sprinkling is going to end up being a full on rain over the night and into tomorrow, but it may not get here until tomorrow. I think I saw a storm system on a radar working its way north that is supposed to hit home sometime over the next two days anyways.


Didn’t leave the house today, but there wasn’t too much sun coming through the blinds. Possible overcast.


walked out of work around 4pm today. Ground was wet. Must have rained at some point.