The Weird Ass Music Video Thread


So I stumbled upon this in another forum and it had me doing a Jackie Chan face in real life. Any other weird ass music videos that you have come across and would like to share? I don’t watch many music videos anymore, so this was a real surprise to me.



i dunno if i could consider my video as weird after watching OPs :lol:



I like this one :slight_smile:


Holy shit man. That was mind blowing lol

I couldn’t even . . . like, i couldn’t even imagine being in a meeting trying to set that video up.

“Hey guys, lets make a video about a cancer patient that interrupts a boy band concert, then shoots lasers out of his mouth and disintegrates them. Then, he resurrects them all, only to obliterated by a black man’s head that shoots lasers.”

Nice find! lol


Major Laser.


Another one:



Oh yeah, definitely some weird ass music videos there Ben lol


Call it a hobby :stuck_out_tongue:

Third Strike:



more awesome that weird but here ya go.[media=youtube]_t2TzJOyops[/media]




is that the cameraman from UHF?


you’re talking about the floating head right? i’ve never seen UHF before but after looking up the actor’s name in IMDb and looking at pics i guess there is a resemblance.

btw that’s not the real band on stage the real band are guys in the audience.


Can’t believe the all-time weirdest music video hasn’t been posted yet.




Give this a shot.





I’m a little surprised it took three days for a Aphex Twin vid to be posted.

EDIT: nvm I didn’t see Squirtguns’ post initially.



Neat vid.

turtle with old man’s head: “But what does it mean?”



dammit now that catchy japanese song is stuck in my head…cursed japanese

…way way pon pon pon way way pon pon pon way pon


i don’t even like j-pop but I have to admit that song does get stuck in my head haha