The weirdest dreams ever


First off, this is a 100% sincere write-up of my dream, nothing I say has been made up on the spot.

So, tonight I had the weirdest fucking dream ever…

I dreamt that I and Mr. Yipes were playing “Mortal Kombat” and it had Street Fighter characters in it… it looked a lot like KOF XIII’s art style and to me, that was fucking aweesome…

Now, I have no idea how I dreamt that we were in my younger brother’s room (I live in Sweden…), which we had in our previous home, but dreams fuck things up… A LOT.

So, we are playing the game and I am just getting beat the crap out of constantly… Then there’s a timeskip, all of a sudden I see mr. Mendoza coming into the room with chips and soda, he sits down next to me and I hand him a controller… He then tells me that he farts a lot… just like that.

Then we open the chips and I hand him his controller… (Yes, a fucking PS3 pad.)
We start to play and now I beat him up… I lean forward when I play so I can focus better… and then the most weird thing happens… Yipes starts to finger my ass… I’m like “DUDE, WHAT THE FUCK?!”

And then he gets angry… leaves the room and comes back with a fucking baseball bat… threatening to crush my skull with it if he can’t do what he want… I am dead scared… but I have to do something, so I do a Shoryuken, and miss… Yipes ignores the attack and returns to his seat… he puts down the bat and I pick it up, threatening him and asking him how it feels like to be threatened, and he starts to cry a bit… I calm myself down and suggest we keep playing. So we do… And then he starts to fart, a lot… It stinks like a moose’s rottened up asshole, but I try to ignore it and keep playing.

Then he starts to finger me again… and I just throw myself on him, hugging him… >.<"

After some… hugs… (why I would want to do that is a fucking mystery) we almost go back to playing… almost. Mr. Mendoza starts to position himself upside down in the sofa, fingering himself… I went into shock and then that part of the dream ended…

Next I am in another house, with my ex and a friend of his… i spot a fly, a huge fly… maybe 3-4 thumbnails big and we decide (fucking animal insinct) to kill it… and so we do… with our socks… then the dream ended.

…If this isn’t fucked up… >.<" What is?

Have you had a fucked up dream that you wanna share, please do. <.<


I have had many weird n wacky dreams, ranging from wet, to nightmare and lucid dreams.

Lucid dreams that I have experienced were amazingly weird. I can control my actions to whatever I wanted to do. And many times I have been very naughty.

Sometimes dreams are messages given to you for you to uncode. Its not all black and white as whatever happens, but there is a message behind it.

If you realise, that everytime you wake up in the middle of the night, you have just completed a dream.
And before you get up to go to the bathroom or to turn over and change your body position, try to remember your dream as they come in fragments… if you can, write them down in a “dream book”… in the near future as your dream book builds up with your dreams, you may see some that continues on from where it was left off.
If you can learn to uncode your dreams, wouldnt it be so cool ?!



I have a recurring dream where I’m buying 2 cartons of Mild 7’s from the duty free store in Narita Airport and right as I’m about to smoke one I wake up. Makes me so mad everytime. More recently I’ve even thought to myself mid dream “ok this time its real, I’m really getting these cigarettes”, but same thing everytime :frowning:

If anyone reading happens to be from socal, going to Japan, and doesn’t smoke, please help a brotha out.


Welcome back SRK to another chapter in the book of Shit You Should Keep to Yo Self.


puts on professer glasses…Hmmm It sheemz you have a seecret fahntesy for ze Yipes…

Keep your damn butthole pleasures to yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:


havent laughed this hard in a long time.


the fuck dude. lol unless you want to be psychoanalyzed here on SRK you shoulda kept that to yourself.

someone should get Yipes to post in this thread


Really dude… really…

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I have reoccurring dreams about fleeing from tornados. But, what I just read in the OP is on a whole extra level of screwed up.

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that is fucking awful, fingering your ass? damn g, i wouldn’t have told that shit to somebody i knew irl much less a fucking internet forum, MUCH LESS SRK.

i have fucked up dreams all the time, but they are awesomely fucked up. flying through space unaided by machine, searching for a certain type of sun to absorb (for example of a piece of one of my longer dreams of greatness).


Perhaps the weirdest thread of 2011


sounds like a tootsie roll commercial where lil whodie asks mr owl how many licks it takes to get to the tootsie roll center of the tootsie pop. but instead of a tootsie pop mr owl finger bangs this dude’s butthole…

fuck this thread, can we get a close or something? hazardous to my health.


Well, this was one of my fucked up dreams. <.< A dream is a dream, not reality. I doubt Mr. Mendoza would finger my ass, even if I asked him to. <.<


im guessing where you live, the bed bugs dont bite, they finger your asshole


Fucking 11’ers, man. Keep your weird fetishes to Livejournal or some shit.


You must know this is coming:



Must be a fanboy.


Imagine the dreams people are having about Daigo.

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I would be cool with that.