The weirdest fanart you've ever seen

Here’s a few digital drawings I did…have fun and laugh your asses out loud :eek:

“Normal” Sakura (Naruto)

Big Shiki (Samurai Spirits)

Westernization(Rurouni Kenshin)

*Samurai Nurse Ryoko (Samurai Girl:Real Bout High School) * Collaberation

If you wanna suggest an anime/video game chick that you wanna see plumped up, feel free to recommend one!

ABA (GG Isuka) or Chizuru Kagura (KOF) please. I need a laugh and a half.

Heh Aba has been on my “to do list” since a few days ago of really seeing her…she is fine, all she needs is a bit more booty :slight_smile:

First time ANYONE has ever mentioned Chizuru to me though, she seemed so unpopular, but its good to know she is loved by someone lol. People always tell me they wanna see Mai and Althena. Poor Chizuru, King, and even Leona, all left behind in the dust :frowning: Yuri on the other hand, I’d hate to draw her, cuz I think Yuri fans would kill me with what I’d do to her body (Probably give her H cup breasts lol)

I’ll see what I can do with both chicks^^

Actually I don’t like Chizuru and that is the basis for this request. I found your works comical and thus I think Chizuru made in this manner might give me laughs and one more reason to go on living. LOL. :stuck_out_tongue: Eagerly awaiting the finished product!

Damnit, where is the Chizuru love? :frowning:

Oh well, I wanted to try her anyway…

sniff…no one likes Chizuru…

Oh, don’t be disheartened, search the SNK boards far and wide, heck you can even ask in Fighting Game Discussion alone, I’m sure there are a few fans. =P Hope you push through with the request.

It’ll be on my to do list, I’ve definitly wanted to try Aba since I first saw her, but I never had much consideration in doing Chizuru since she was never brought up before lol.

But now that she has, I may add her to my catalog haha. So…how big ya want Aba? Any particular areas you want big or bigger than others? XD

I do -

Huge Boobs (I’m talkin mad STACKED)
Big belly(stuffed or pregnancy some may call it)
Plump/Chubby/Fat (Added pounds, cuz more cushin for the pushin?)
Hour glass figure (Huge boobs+big butts)
Pear shape figure (Small on top, big bottom)

Take your pick if you will! :slight_smile:

Hourglass. Or knockers+fat body in general. Same goes for Chizuru. Shhh. :cool:

Hmmm good choice(s), I’ll definitly consider doing Aba :slight_smile: I will make her much more sexy…or cuddly…or tappable lol. Then again, she is already pretty much all those things ^^

If I get time, I’ll do Chizuru, I just need to get alot of refrence pics for both. I only have a low-quality pic of Aba, but I got a few of Chizuru. I wish I could find her 2003 picture at a very high quality though, she is pretty cute there