The weirdest presents you got or gave?

I was going to start a thread asking if anyone had ever received a very unusual or weird gift. I thought there might be a few amusing stories.
Dunno if I have ever gotten a weird present but I certainly love giving them. Card full of glitter, penis tuxedo, origami turtle, chocolate champagne bottle, shiny man thong, chocolate mouse, a DVD called “Jack Brooks Monster Slayer I Used to be a Plumber,” a shamrock sunglasses with some fresh
shamrock–the most unforgottable one.
I am amazing at giving presents and do it all the time.
How about u?

When I was still a little boy, my mom bought me a Ken doll. It was the present I chose to open on X-mas eve too. I ended up crying.

Now I just look back and laugh.

The weirdest gift I got was the movie When a Date with Tad Hamilton.

I once gave the gift of a jar of pickles.

Odd indeed, but it was just a distraction! there was 40$ cash under the lid of the jar. (pickle eating afterwards optional)

a Naruto backpack(it’s still unused to this day). :stuck_out_tongue:

I once gave someone a can of baked beans for their birthday.

a plastic portable urinal from my sister so that I “never have to leave my room”

Gone off tin of biscuits… lol. Don’t ask.

When I was 10 my friend gave me a broken colouring pencil stuck together with sellotape, and he asked for it back the next day. I gave him an empty paper bag on his birthday.

I got Jafar’s staff from Aladdin on my 8th birthday. The cobra had glowing red eyes and everything.

Nothing rivals the sheer disappointment of receiving genuine Mexican bootleg toys.

Mexican bootleg basically takes all your childhood dreams, wipes them across its ass before viciously sodomizing them, leaving you with a sh*ttier, disgusting form of the original.

Never got anything weird… but a buddy of mine back in my old neighborhood had a very religious family… so for his birthday he ended up getting a bible with a wooden cover (no like real wood) and… i remember busting out laughing a bag of…testa-mints and paul & peters (the bootleg version of mike & ikes)

im really not joking… that bag said testa-mints an the box said paul & peters. I believe we laughed for a hour straight when he showed us. each ment had a number (which now translated to a scripture… didnt know back then) n the box had paul & peter on the front chillin…

Atari 2600 when I was 25…Thanks L

This one wasn’t weird, but it was Hella Mind Games from my mom.

I don’t remember what year it was, but I was already two years behind on that SNES and my mom knew I wanted one. Still I was content to mess around with the NES, because it was better than nothing and I had some godlike games on it anyhow.

My birthday’s the day before Christmas and she called me into the living room and was like, “okay Andre, here’s your birthday present.” Open it up and it’s Link to the Past. I go crazy because I know that means she got me a SNES. Look under the tree and there’s the bigass system box wrapped up. She sees me looking at it and says “the big box is your Christmas present, don’t get any ideas.”

And I was foced to sit and look at LttP box and manual for the entire day. I remember how it felt like a year.

That’s either sick child abuse or A+ trolling on your mother’s behalf.

I’m adopted. I’m Korean in a white family.
Most fucked up thing I ever got:
One year, a distant uncle got me a set of chopsticks and the card said “Welcome Home”

My girlfriend at the time got me a plastic construction cone that says “Geek Hard at Work”

Weirdest thing I ever gave:
A copy of Playboy to my 8th grade religion teacher. I got detention for a month.

The weirdest thing I ever got? A bunch of handkerchiefs from a now deceased friend of my grandmothers one birthday. My brother got the same thing from said person as well on his birthday too, so I wasn’t entirely surprised!

A Lil Wayne CD.

Serious, nobody in the right mind listens to that shit and had the guy tripping for hours. Joke gift though, became more of a joke on me when it turned into a pain to return.

I was at a friends house and for christmas I believe, his dad comes in and throws an old beanie baby at me and says “Here you go”.

lol, lames. you know nothing of receiving Hell gifts.

Christmas 2005

friend "hey, what do you want a movie for Christmas?"
me "sure! just don’t get me anything that’s by Judd Apatow or has Steve Carell in it"
friend “MerryChristmas!”

it all went down from there.

i don’t speed

i got more crazy shit too. now it’s a running joke that i get crazy shit i don’t want for Christmas. this year i got a Mexican bootleg RC car. last year i got some Mexican bootleg Transformers.