The Wendy Williams Show? Err... talk show thread


so I had the unfortunate honor of watching the wendy williams show in the hospital while I waited to pick up a family member…each second was more painful than the last…it seems she had no clue what to say and has zero stage presence.audience looked bored out of thier minds.cue cards moving to fast and then when everyone looked up at the applaud sign to late and clapped

HOW YOU DOIN…:crybaby: shoot me now!..

"everyone in the audience im giving away a year’s supply of Downy Fabric Softner!!! "

if you would have said detergent that would make more sense…what the fuck are you suppose to do with fabric softner?

where there any other shows that bombed hard and fast?

Here’s where you messed up.

lol. ive seen that show a few times for the same reason. i used visit the clinic a lot whenever a worker from the back (i work in a window factory) gets cut or something. so i would have to wait in the waiting room while they got stitched up. if this show is any representation of what daytime tv is like, then im glad i work during the day.

is the megan mullaly show still on? she was funny on will & grace… but when you realize that her personality and voice is exactly like the way it was in the show… then it just got less funny.

this bitch looks like a sasquatch in that motherfucker.

I want to bone Wendy Williams with malice and reckless disregard. She can have my kids.

Steve Wilkos is definitely without a doubt the worst TV show I’ve ever seen

why did she even get her own show in the first place?

method man disses her.


Who the fuck is Wendy Williams?

Wendy Williams is fine, man. Don’t hate. You could get lost in those tits for days.

:lol: its funny when he thinks making people stand on his stage is suppose to scare them or something. But the icing on the cake is when he throws his chairs, that shit is hilarious.

a manish broad who has her own talk show (god only knows why) where of course in bed “she” is the dominant one…however for any SRKer’ there is a price…

pillow talk…is that what you want to deal with SRK?

whats funny is that everyone in the waiting room said the same thing I said "wtf are they suppose to do with a year’s supply of fabric softner? using to much your clothes will rip easily

notice the hidden “”

I have seen the Wendy Williams show a few times in the US. My grandpa said he’d hit it, but I don’t see the quality. She has good guests, I remembered seeing Hilda(or whatever her name is, from *Ugly Betty) *and Garcelle Beauvais Nilon(The Jamie Foxx Show, Coming to America) on there. The show lacks enough to lure guys in. Her theme song is catchy. I had moments where I’d just blurb “how you doin’? shout it out!” in sing-song and hope that I can get this as a ring tone or something of that nature. Outside of that, she is no Oprah toppler.

And why is it that almost every black woman, who is loud and looks more manly than your average guy, want a talk show these days? They can’t even brand themselves anywhere well, with their own looks and personas to begin with.

It’s the red-headed demon step child of one of the worst TV talk shows even created, thank Jerry Springer for this douchebag.

Wendy Williams is just the new millenium’s black Ricky Lake, only WW is boneable (if you’re into thick, meaty black women that might just require a saddle).