The Wendy's Diaries!


After a 2 year job search I finally landed one at Wendy’s.It’s going to be my 1st job and I start monday.Im going to be working in the morning crew doing maintence.I have a few questions tho:

Has anyone here cleaned the grill?How was it?Can U get burnt while cleaning?Also,How was your experience working at Wendy’s or fast food places

First time at Wendy's

I worked a restaurant with grills… cleaning it is pretty standard among all places, I think… you put the chemical down, ignore the nasty smell, throw some other shit down, rub it down with a grill brick or other such thing…

yes, you can easily get burnt
yes, it smells nasty
yes, all of your clothes smell like the place you’re working when you’re done.
if you drive, yes, your car will smell like it and leave months after you quit the job.

advice: wear shitty clothes. bring extra clothes and leave in your car. change at work. Pack your work clothes in a garbage bag and put it in your trunk. Wash your face before you leave. Wear gloves when cleaning the grill.

My girlfriend worked at McDonald’s and hated it. I can’t imagine fast food customers being rational.


Thanks!Sounds good,hope i dont get burnt tho lol


Oh, if there are lockers or anywher eyou can keep work stuff at work, KEEP IT THERE, but don’t put your extra clothes in that same bag, or your nice clothes are going to smell like nuggets and fries.


I worked at a Wendy’s back in the day…get a good facial scrub, ur gonna get greasy
And yes u will get burnt


Hell yeah!!! People are always like I get siick of the food! BULLSHYT! They are weak but you are strong!
Eat swirlies and chicken nuggets erry day!

And just cuz you work there for a while
DONT GET tired OF A JOB!!!
I’ve dont it too, its a lame excuse to find another job
You’ll master and figure everything out within the first 3 months
----if rare stuff pops up, write it down! no shame in it


Fastfood jobs are pretty cool, you’ll look back and notice that it was easier to get laid while working there.


Where do you work? I want to get hooked up…


Hope your boss is cool.

Can we place bets on how long it takes you to get fired/quit



lol,thanks for all the tips.

@Furious,lol bet.we’ll see how long i’ll last :rofl:

@rcaido not trying to be a dick or anything but ur serious?

@Sovi3t,how bad are the burns???


Yeah im serious i love them frosty


lol get him fired on his first job :slight_smile:


@rcaido,lol i work at the one in new york,i signed up here:Wendy’s Careers

i think its one free meal a day there :rofl:


I used to work at BK. After a month the manager issued a statement regarding a severe punishment to any employee eating their food w/o paying. Apparently I was stealing so much food there wasn’t enough in stock, so they had to buy more than estimated = less profit.

Good times good times.

Dunno about Wendy’s but I work at the grill also (we call it the boiler/steamer aka BS). I’d be helping my coworkers on their stuff while the patties are grilling, although stuff got really hectic at times it was fun and I got to know everyone naturally. (and they were usually all asian girls, ohhhhh yeah, except the manager)

Oh and if you’re doing morning shift you might have to do the trucking. Basically the truck with the goods come and you have to bring them into storage. Easy stuff.


Fast Food is easy. Just work hard and you will be fine.

I clean the grill on the regular. It sucks yes but you just have to do it.

Also you will get burned. Just suck it up. I am used to the burn now.


wait…your first job…how old are you?!


U will get burns from the fryers, nothing bad but ur arms and hands will feel it.

Dunno if u get free food…even managers dont get free food here


I used to get free food all the time, nothing major but like fries or soda if knew the person in the drive thru…


Pump your DJ mixes over the loudspeaker SON!


My dream has actually always been to have a stint flipping burgers (I ended up working horrible chemical dye factory floor jobs as a teenager instead)…but they are not really possible now that my real career and shit has gotten in the way.

I want to steal food, put bacon on fish burgers and stuff, and hang out with high school kids to recapture my youth.

How are the hours when you start off? Do you think I can still realize this dream, parallel to my actual day job? I would have to fudge my resume though, I worry I might be overqualified at this point in my life.