The Western PA Thread


For those of you who are looking for it, the Pittsburgh thread can be found here

This thread is for everywhere non-Allegheny county on this side of the state. I’d like to find some people back home in Fayette County for games when I’m back there, but assumes that someone other than me from there can turn on a computer.


Street Fighter players in Uniontown. Man, get the fuck out of here with that. Man you’d have better luck trying to find a crack pipe in Heritage Hills than find players out here. Gimme a break.

BTW if you live in Brownsville or Connellsville I’m going to be pissed off.


Howdy folks. I’m just postin to say I’m coming to Pittsburg for the G20 conference for about a week. Who would I have to go see when my boiling blood bubbles for battle :mad:


Anyone here willing to come to this?

Better bring your A-game if you do!