The "What Can You Do In Vegas?" Thread

Just ask a local(me) on what hotels,motels,casinos,shopping, strip clubs(?), and other entertainment questions you might have if you’ve been hiding under a rock and never experienced of what Las Vegas has to offer… So ask now!

Your best bet would be to pick up a visitor’s guide. Entirely waaay too many options for hotels, shopping, titty bars, etc.

I think everyone that really wants to party already knows what they’re doing and who to ask.
If you are not 21, your options are much more limited. It is best to keep that in mind when deciding on who you are hanging out with and where you’ll be going. Don’t make the mistake of going out and getting stopped because one of your guys is underage. The type of crowd is crucial here. Do NOT dress like you would at Evo to go out on the town unless you are just going to a strip club.
Does Evolution have a part coordinator?

Depends what you’re wearing and where you’re going.

if you’re staying away from dance clubs, a tshirt and jeans is perfectly fine for most places aside from high class restaurants.

Are there any good places to hike at? What the weather usually like during August? And last question, I’m looking to buy a car to take home,where’s a decent dealership or lot where I won’t spend over $3000? One of my friends told me that there’s no tax on cars and that I might find a deal there.

Hike at Red Rock, yellow pages for dealerships:p

Cool.My friend told me that should check that out.Thanks.

Uhhh, There is sales tax on cars. There is none on food though, (Not fast food just the kind at the grocery store) I think the World’s largest automall is at Vegas.(Henderson) You should check out Towbin Dodge. They have some hella crazy T.V. shows.

The weather is very hot with lots of sun and NO humidity. Windy sometimes too.

wow havent posted on SKN in forever

I suggest that everyone check out the Fremont Street Experience atleast one of the nights. Its an awesome light show down town Las Vegas. Fremont St is like 4 blocks long with casinos on both sides and an array of lights above the street. Its cool.


do you know of any places to play basketball that have good competition? indoors or out.

Hey f1are, I’ll hoop with you if you. I’ve been to Vegas twice myself, and always wondered where I could play some ball. If there’s anywhere near where we’ll be staying, we can definently hit it up.