The "What kind of Gamer were you Before" Thread


i never played fighters till about 3-4 years ago

i was strictly Rpg up until then

Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts All Day Every Day
LVL 99 was my bitch

what about you guys, were you hardcore anything else before you found fighters?

was mad hype for street fighter 2 in elementary school. before that just played commodore nintendo snes various games/game types.

I’ve been playing fighting games my whole life I guess. Since I was young and I would get raped by a turtling Guile in SF2.

I’ve been going to the arcade since middle school but at first it was for DDR and all the other Bemani music games. Once that scene died out, I transitioned into fighters sometime around freshman/sophomore year.

haha i still get raped by turtle guile, i feel the pain

haha seems like the DDR and SF scene are always close, i mean look left or right on a ddr machine and your bound to see sf somewhere

Haha I used to play a turtle guile when I was a kid.

I think I use to play platformers and shmups at around the time Street Fighter II super came out. I was at an age when I didn’t understand the concept of leveling up and such in RPGs cause no one explained it to me and I guess I didn’t have the patience. I remember buying the guide for it and looking over the motions trying to figure them out before I got the game.

When I finally got the game I think I mostly used Ken and thought I was good cause I could do jumping fierce,standing fierce, fierce shoryuken. I also remember I felt proud to do a 360 motion cause I had no idea you can input the command while jumping. I am wondering if I did it completely by accident.

I’ve always been a puzzle games player. I played a lot of tetris from a very young age, when I was 5 or so I could do level 9.

Also played a lot of platformers when I was a kid, beat Mario 3 at 4 or 5 ish.

When I first saw Street Fighter II being played by the clerk at a video rental shop, I was so interested in this game. I then saw it being played at 7-11 and my 7 year old ass was addicted. I played all the classic versions up to Super. After that, I got an N64 (2nd worst gaming purchase of my life, 1st being Gamecube and 3rd Wii) and there was no fighting games on the piece of shit.

I started playing fighters again in 2000 after seeing a Marvel Combo video… it looked so awesome. I got CVS2 because I had PS2 at the time, then I soon bought a Dreamcast and got into the whole CD-R’s thing.

I reluctantly started playing Super Turbo when I figured out that nobody would play “TRUE” old school. I still have a lot of unresolved issues from being raised on oldschool, my combo ability (outside of Marvel) is weak and I still have trouble with things like whiffing normals to gain meter and all of that.

For some reason too I always played chargers, so I have no idea how to fireball trap with any character whose name doesn’t rhyme with “While.”

I played Quake 3 and Starcraft a lot.

RPGer here…old schooler…next gen rpgs?..lets just say…they might wanna think about going back

I played pretty much whatever on the Genesis, SNES, NES, PS1, N64, Master System, in the arcades, etc, before I got into fighting games heavily. Heh, I still do play those games, but I pop in fighters more often, though.

90s = best fucking years of video games…ever…period… :smiley:

I don’t play fighters now exclusively but I do play them which is different from what I mainly focused on a year back. I was (and somewhat still am) a Starcraft and Counterstrike addict. The reason for their inevitable demise for me was that there is no local scene and I can’t get a decent connection on Steam or for the life of me even with a dedicated 512Mb+ DSL line since I live in the middle of nowhere (Saudi Arabia). This problem may be resolved when they get around to activating the fiber optic cables, but that won’t happen for quite a while so I’m not holding my breath. I got bored quick with LAN battling and obliterating my brother and cousins so I quickly started looking for competition in another genre. I’ve always loved RPGs but I was never into them prior to FF X, and despite Tidus being a douche; I loved that game. As for MMORPGs, I can’t tolerate those games, especially WoW. At all.

I first found out about Third Strike about two years ago by way of the Evolution 2004 Daigo vs Justin parry extravaganza but I’ve never tried it out up until recently. It’s been eight months now since I first experienced 3S and I can’t get enough. There is still the problem of a nonexistant local scene for fighting games in general and when you factor in how old SFIII is and how the majority of the “gamers” here, if they can be called that, are mere casual gamers that only look forward to the next shiny pirated title to mash through or the next Winning Eleven; sadly it’s looking bleak. Although GGPO is great and I salute the people responsible for it’s development it still does lag being that I’m half way across the world away from any players, of which are mostly American. My only salvation now, to quench my thirst for fighting games, is SFIV. It’ll hopefully catch the attention and build up a base of gamers here, at least my buddies, so that a scene can get rolling.

When I was little and had a SNES I rented and played all types of games. RPG’s, Beat-em-up’s, Fighters. I have always enjoyed fighters. In fact the first game I got for SNES was this really bad fighter called “Pit Fighter” or something like that. It really sucked…

Besides fighters, RPG’s and Counter-Strike were my other big games.

I played and still play all types exept strategy. I dont really have time for RPGs anymore. but i play fighters and shooters the most.

I was pretty varied. Action/adventure was the main type of game I played though. RPG were all taken care of by my older brother and m younger one had the FPS/sports games covered. I just played whatever was left in between.
Then a little over 3 years ago I got into fighters.

I was the play everything gamer. But if i had to narrow it down i would say… action adventure. Dare i even say side scroller/???

supa monkey ball

seriously i cant remember shit, started playing fighters in 03

i remember lots of final fantasy though…

When I was a kid my dad bought me Super Street Fighter 2 for the snes brand new at Montgomery Wards. Of course it was long after it’s release because we weren’t the richest folk but I didn’t care, I loved the shit out of it. Later we got a ps1 then n64 then I got an xbox then my return to fighting games wasn’t until recently when I bought a FS3 and tried to play hd remix. Needless to say I now play on a Chtulhu Full Sanwa custom and I’m still learning how to properly play street fighter.

RPG hardcore player back then. I like them now and I started playing FF9 like a week ago, , but fighting games take a lot of my time…and I dont want to suck so I practice a lot (and I actually forgot what I was doing on ff9)

FPS and MMORPGS for a long time.