The "What Movie Was That From?" Thread

Ever flip the channels and catch a funny scene and later try to find it, only to realize you didnt look for the movie title? Or how bout seeing a funny ass gif online somewhere and not knowing where its from? I tend to flip the channels lots and catch some random ass quotes lines. Here’s a thread for IDing movies based on random clips you caught.

  • Where is this from? Some fat kid at lunch time just yells " Piss!.. PISS! Who put piss in my apple juice??!"

  • Also theres this gif I keep seeing online. Its a guy with a mustache, running into the kitchen, and stomping kicking an old lady out of her chair. It looks very retro (70s.) I see it every where but I dont know what movie its from. Anyone know what its from?

The first one is from Little Monsters.

whats the movie where there is like these cats who are power rangers or some shit and they control elements?

Warriors of Virtue? They are like Kangaroos or some shit though lol. Closest thing I can think of.

I remember seeing a clip of this asian guy , who was in a gang, trying to catch a sword between his hands but he ended up missing and the sword went right through this skull. What movie was that from? I believe it was linked from this site.

man, there was a movie I saw as a kid, and it has bugged me for fucking DECADES!!! I always thought it was an Indiana Jones movie, but i was wrong.

All I can remember is the people in the movie were in a cave or temple or some shit, and there was this pool of water with stepping stones, only u could NOT step on certain stones. And there is a bag of jewels or treasure or some shit like that, and the bad guy makes the good guy drop teh bag, so he drops em on one of the “do not touch” stones, and when the bad guy steps on them stones and picks up the treasure, a huge monster comes out of the water (the stones were it’s scales or humps or some shit).

I’ve wanted to know the name of that movie for waaaaaaaay too long, and it pisses me off. Anybody who helps me gets a kidney.

First one I mentioned IS def little monsters. But whats the 2nd one? Ill try to find that gif for reference.

Haha I think thats the movie he was talking about. That movie was so bad. I used to love it as a kid.

Sukiyaki Django I think it is. Like a Samurai WEstern, and it was modern like came out 2 years ago

No fuckin clue, but I def want to see that movie LOL

King Solomon’s Mines. Classic fuckin’ movie.


And the one dude from Indy is in it, no wonder I kept thinking it was an Indy movie all them years.

edit: Now if only I could find it online :frowning: has only broken links, and links to the 1936 version of the film, and piratebay obviously has never heard of it :frowning:

some 80s ish action martial art flick. This one american dide gets kidnaped by asians or something, and learns martial arts. Kinda like Last samurai. I rememebr a scene wheres hes buried up to his neck and one dude puts a rice bowl in front of him. He tires to eat the ants. Then at the end he kills the final boss and gives his master the sword.

I think i know what your talking about, but forgot the name.

In the one i’m thinking of, the main family’s sword was really valuable. After the american guy goes through their training and gains their trust, he tries to steal it one night.

He almost leaves the village but has a change of heart in the end only to go back. However, it turns out they were on to him the whole time. When he asks why they nearly let him leave, several hidden guards are revealed nearby who would have stopped him if he hadn’t decided to go back.

This sound like the movie?