The "what other players msg you after you beat them" thread: BB edition

BB probably isn’t as bad as, say, SF4, for hatemail, but it still has it’s share.

“Youre trash kid doing the same move over and over using cheapest/strongest character get good kid” - SuperNovaXX, after him ragequitting after I smash him with TAGER. TAGER. I don’t remember when a character with all bad matchups was cheap.

Also, he kept repeating j. C, 5C, and 6C with Hakumen. Kinda contradicts what he said in this message, eh? :looney:

SuperNovaXX is a ragequitting scrub, I lolhard whenever I face him.

I’ve had him rage quit on me in SF4 too

No hate so far. I’ve gotten a rage quitter though. Didn’t say anything to me so I just didn’t care. All I’ve gotten was a “Thanks” and “GG.”

I was his 90th ragequit, lol.
He’s raged on me twice, and he didn’t bother to send me a message until today.

“nice lag switch faggot arakune bullshit”

When I was corner trapping him, he disconnected and blamed me for the lag?

I was in a player match and the guy xentith something or other was playing tao he just dashed the entire time. So I would just use bang’s 3c and he refused to block it then he called me a bullshit move spamming button masher and kicked me from his room.

So far just a single “WTF” after coming back and winning in 3 rounds, with practically no visible life on my bar with the two wins.

just someone calling me fat over the mic after each win I got with rachel/jin. over the course of about…2 hours.

80ish matches so far and yet no hate mail. Some guy did ragequit on me today which is in the same neighborhood, I guess.

I beat some Noel or V-13(I don’t know how to get that weird looking u) player with Haku-men. The person rage quit right at the finish of the 3rd round, I got an incomplete game on my record =(

So far I haven’t run into a single ragequitter which is surprising given how often I encounter them in SF4. I main Arakune in BB and Blanka in SF4, characters which many people seem to find annoying/cheap.

Last message I got from playing someone in BB was pretty positive:

me: "ggs"
them: “u 2 man dat shit rokked”

i’ve gotten:

“ggs man”


“Good Carl player.”

i didn’t even know wtf i was doing with carl…

Unless you’re clap looping I think everyone is going to cheer you on with Carl because they think he sucks so bad.

I got two Taokaka’s complementing my Ragna because I got Astral Finish on both of them. (For some reason it’s REALLY easy to do it on Tao).

Another guy called me a flaming douchebag cause I was Noel and endlessly rushed him with Drive Chain. :frowning:

Some one told me I was a scrub Noel, after he rage quit in a player match, not even ranked. We played a 3 round match, and he had me 2 - 0 and I came back and beat him 3 straight. I replied with, “yeah, Im a scrub and you couldnt beat me. You worse than a scrub.” he didnt reply back.

I wish I had gotten a message from this one guy. He was level 28 when I was level 3 and I drilled him with Taokaka, then he disbanded the room. He gave me three levels in one round. :smiley:

Also one guy called me an asshole for looping Tao’s 1D… that’s not even hard to get away from but it seemed to confound him.

You mean 2D?

Don’t really have much messages from randoms. Just one player calling me good, and exchanged GGs with a bang after a bang mirror.

Dual bang installs. :rofl:

No rage quitting yet and no hate mail yet. However, I have been booted from 3 seperate rooms after beating the host. :rofl: The gap in skill level was pretty great so I don’t blame them for booting me out of the room. I guess they wanted something more casual.

I get a couple GG’s. Someone even said that I play a good Jin and I loled because I think I’m pretty scruby.