The "what other players msg you after you beat them" thread: KOF 12 edition

i think this will be needed soon :stuck_out_tongue: lol

if you go to players met they are not listed on there for KOF…

didn’t know that but when the street date hits i think alot ppl are going to talk shit thats what i think at least since U.S is capcom country and most ppl (ie people that picked up SF4 as their “first” fighter) have never heard of KOF and think that KOF is a SF rip off. Thats my opinion anyway. meh

i still have not encountered those type of people yet even in street fighter 4. i did get a rage quit the first time i went online earlier today. i beat his terry perfect with my kyo and the 2nd round did not even start since the guy left lol

its weird when im on my xbox and if i lose they have the nerve to talk shit to me…

Yeah, yeah got rage on the first day.

Beat some guy because I didn’t chase after him and he starts raging on the mic about me “running away”.

Got some guy last night raging on me because I OCV’d him with Kyo, and apparently Kyo is a noob ass character that’s so easy to win with that he should be banned.

the kyos i faced today kept doing fdf.a/b on recovery they swear its like ken in sf4…

Haven’t played it on Live…Honestly…I dont want to xD
I have a feeling its going to be just like SF4, someone picking all DP character and spamming on wake-up xD
Then when I punish them for being stupid, I get raged on -_-

Hmm maybe this is actually a blessing in disguise. No more hatemail! Unless of course the person is willing to write down your username.

That’s xbox players for you. Real mature bunch.

And it’s probably for the best that psn players don’t usually message you after a loss. I’m beasting people trying to play this game like it’s some capcom shit. Usually I get like 6 wins…then I’m all alone in the room. :sad:…no, wait…:rofl:

i still have not got any hate mail from sf4. i wanted to reply with this pic

hopefully someone in xii sends me hate mail one day


Someone said I was cheating because I was using Daimon. They would jump in the air with great abandon and get grabbed out of it with Daimon’s anti air grab. Then they would try to fireball spam with Joe or Terry and I just ground pounded them and rolled out of the way of the attacks. Oh yeah, Gotta love it when they do Joe’s DM and I did Daimon’s DM and sucked him out of it and killed him. I was told that was cheating and that Joe’s DM is STRONGER THEN THAT.

God I can’t wait for the flood of Ken scrubs to flock to this.

Finally got my first hate mail.

Got called a pussy turtle. The dude was turtling like mad himself, so I just beat him at his own game.

I got this one “leave my room”

Also I received another from a guy I never even played saying I play sf4 too much and that I suck. This is funny because I don’t even play sf4.

On a side note, I did get a rage quit from a guy “knightmaregeese” who had a 98-2 record. I was about to OCV him with 60% on my first character and he was 1 hit away from death. hahahah

what was this guys name?

I got something very similar after beating some douche. Something along the lines of:

If all your going to do is spam and counter moves just go back to playing street fighter 4 pussy. Enjoy your wins, too bad you get them by cheesing.

The name was humboldt or something like that. The weird part was I never even played or talked to him before.

Maybe he’s psychic and it’s the first case of Preemptive Hate Mail.

had a funny conversation with xbl gt: its gojira

so everythings fine until mid match when i hear him put his mic on. My team was 1st kyo 2nd iori 3rd leona, he didnt make it to iori but anyway…

starts of saying “WOW same combo over and over again , look at this kid, wow there it is again”

so i reply “um… if a combo is going to work on you 5 times in a row why stop?”

then he proceeds to just mimic everything i say in some gay little boy tone.

funniest part is when we get back to the room after i smoked his whole team with kyo and he goes “dude just freaking leave my room”

I go “my room now, i won :D”

proceeds to gay little boy mimic some more.

I just have my ready button waiting for him to go again but hey keeps saying stuff like “leave my room ill kick you” blah blah blah.

funny guy, funny stuff.

while i waited for my turn in a game i heard rage when i turned on my mic he kept yelling how the game was lagging. I giggled like a school girl.

i had a mirror match with athena and he kept throwing the fireball at me i reflected it back but he didnt catch on…