The "what other players msg you after you beat them" thread

f@g all u do is grab – Trillz 2k
(I was playing blanka, and repeated annoying ticks)

“LOL scrub your garbage all you do is spam fireballs”

“noob i gave you a freebie”

“that was bullshit you throw too much”

“you probably play this game all day”

Oh btw zass ADD ME!

God dame n00b, its been only a day and people are all ready taking the piss with claw. Go and lean how to play street fighter.

I haven’t received any hate mail yet :frowning: One time I got a message from someone I beat, and I got my hopes up… but all it said was “gg”. That’s the only time that’s happened too. :rofl:

I get two players asking why I was playing with a programmable stick because I was using jab, jab, then dp’s a lot. had to take 3 minutes to prove I was not lol

something along the lines of: “whilst i respect peoples play tsyles, tap throws aren’t something i like”

“Good game man. That was epic. Best match I’ve played so far.”

My Guile vs. this guy’s Sagat. Had 2 rounds on him, he came back with two rounds, we double K.O’ed on the final round, then he barely (Like one pixel of health left) beat me.

“Cheating Bastard”
“fucking cheat”

I have thought about sending this message multiple times…

“I am sorry because I have played other games since the 90’s … you apparently haven’t”.

I never send it though (because I know that is not true), but after getting a my arse handed to me badly for 15 or 20 matches it’s hard to cage the inner rage :).

next person that calls me a cheat is getting a audio message from Dudley saying “Gutter Trash!”

I haven’t received hate messages, but apparently 43% of the people is now avoiding me because of my unsporting behaviour :frowning:

That happened to me from Dead or Alive 4, I think i have 66% or something avoiding me :rofl:

My personal favorite: (after a serious beatdown with Guile)

“Fucking noob, try playing with someone who takes some skill”

I almost cried I was laughing so hard.

Happened to me in Soul Calibur 4. Fighting games really bring out the bitch in people.

“Add me.”

Only message I got…

“I want to have your babys”

“i let u win”

I think it’s like the scrub’s gay-mating call so they can identify each other in the wild or something.

Good shit, boys. I’m so glad this thread exists! :rofl:

The system that Microsoft had for repping players was a good idea, but it fails HARD. The fact that any scrub can do that shit for whatever reason is really lame.

“gg, u rely on throws too much”


Haven’t had any hate mail yet , even though I tick throw and cheese quite a lot. Most players on PSN seem to accept the cheese, which is good. And I thought I’d be getting a lot of anti-cheap comments. It’s funny, during the arcade days of the mid-90s, cheap was a big no-no. Glad to see online is better.

I did get this: “your ken is freaking crazy”