The "What Sticks Can I Put in My TE" thread

Let’s start a thread where we can condense the information on what you can put into the TE stick, and what modifications have to be done to put the stick in. I’ll update this first post as we get more answers. I’ll also try to make diagrams/pictures for the more confusing mods.

Keep in mind that any stick that doesn’t use a wire harness will require some soldering.

Sanwa JLF-TP-8: This is the stick that comes with all TE sticks. Just unscrew the old TE from the mounting brackets and use the same screws to screw in your new JLF in the exact same position. If you have problems with your directions, you probably put the wire harness on upside down.

Seimitsu LS-32-01: This one isn’t too hard. Before you put the stick in, take the PCB off of the LS-32 (it screws in at the bottom) and rotate it 90 degrees then screw it back in. Now you have to put it in the TE stick rotated 90 degrees so that it goes from right to left (the mounting brackets are configured so the north-south ones are for Sanwa whereas the east-west ones are for Seimitsu). Put the harness on and you should be good to go.

HAPP/iL sticks: I don’t have much info on this, but I’ve seen it done. I’ll try to get more info on exactly what has to be done, but I do know you have to put washers/spacers on the bottom of the stick to make it so that it has more room because an American stick is too long for the stock TE case. But it CAN BE DONE.

If you guys can give me info on the JLW and various LS sticks, I’ll keep the first post updated. Maybe laugh could tell us if the Korean sticks will fit into TEs.

Seimitsu LS-40-01; replace default RE Mounting Plate with SS Mounting Plate.
Seimitsu LS-55-01; use default MS Mounting Plate.
Seimtisu LS-56-01; replace default VF Mounting Plate with MS Mounting Plate.

And what is JLF-01?

If you want the one with PCB, it is JLF-TP-8.
The one without PCB is JLF-TM-8.

Thanks JDM. I was wondering about those Seimitsu sticks. For those who don’t know you can buy all those plates from lizardlick.

The SS also comes stock on an LS-32-01, in case you have spare ones laying around.

There is no “-01” for any JLF.
That is Seimitsu’s notation.

LS-33 come stock with a MS mounting plate, so it should go in no problem. Shaft would probably be too short though.

Anything will fit, it will just take work. (Some lots of work)…

Anything cept a perfect 360 happ.

I’ve really come to appreciate the TE for being so accommodating to my A.D.D. The mounting bracket is genius.
…then back to JLF
Gahhh…I’m just glad I’m able to swap out within 10 minutes.

Has anyone tried a JLW? I really want to give it a go, but I’m not sure how much work it will take.

So I just got a taste of my first Seimitsu stick, LS-32-01 in my Hori T5. I like it better than the Sanwa that’s currently in my TE. Question for you veteran Seimitsu stick players, should I buy another LS-32-01 for my TE or try LS-40,56, or 33?

I know Lefty installed Sanwa JLW into his TE.

Methinks the JLW shouldn’t be a problem. at least not without the short mounting plate. The stock plate may fit as well (need to check the dimensions of the JLW plate to be sure)