The "What was wrong with this game?" thread

So there are a few fighting games I really liked, but for some reason they didn’t pick up. What stopped these games from being 1/10th as popular as 3s, MvC2, ST, and so on.

First off, FF Garou or mark of the wolves. I really liked this title, but it never got an update or a squeal. I never got to the end game, but I’m assuming that’s where it fell apart. So what was the issue with it?

Second, NeoGeo battle colosseum. I remember people were super hype on this one and then it didn’t even make a splash. I played it for a while and really liked it, but like Garou, it didn’t stick. The game must have been a HUGE money sink because of all the new character sprites that were crated specifically for that game, and then used once.

So I just wanted people to tell me why these games didn’t make it. Is there a scene for any of these games at all?

I also wanted people to post other games that didn’t make it and maybe tell us why.

IIRC, SNK was in the early stages of making MoTW2 but then they went bankrupt. For some reason it wasn’t picked back up.

That guy from probably has the scoop on it. Triu(sp?)?

Yeah, Garou’s an awesome game.

Awaits Dark Geese…

Battle Fantasia didn’t take off because Capcom and SNK are the only developers Japan allows to make 2D fighters that aren’t chain-heavy, IAD fests.

Someone answer mine about KOF 2000. I think it’s a fun game with lots of combos and options. Even if strikers kinda break it. It didnt catch on too well, but I think it is the best game with the striker system.

I thought it was tradition for all non 98/02 KoFs to be dropped for the most recent KoF? I wonder if ppl will still be playing XI when XII hits.

I was wondering about Chaos Breaker. Was it just unpopular because there was no console release, or was it a really shitty game? I get different answers depending on who I ask.

Mortal Kombat! UMK3 is a really fun fighter. The problem? It’s like every single character is a shoto. If midway created new move sets and used umk3 as a basis for a new mk game it could possibly take off…doubt it will ever happen though

Sengoku basara x, there was a considerable hype about this game and in the end the game went down after a month of the console release (i know that it has some issues but the game is still playable and fun), battle fantasia is a good game but in the end never appealed to the people (i blame the theme and the character desing and not that it wasnt from capcom or snk, or because it wasnt a combo fg), The Rumble Fish 1 & 2 are other 2 games that i enjoy but in this two failed like other games

SBX barely got scraped in terms of what it can offer! Even combo makers seemed to give up on the game…

Last Blade 2 is great fun until you play someone who knows the infinites. When you strip the game to it’s bare bones, it’s great and alot like CVS2 imo. Only a few characters are actually playable and the rest of the cast just has nothing they can fight back with. Zantetsu and Akari rape the low tiers so bad that it’s a shame. A whole bunch of other characters were really neat too. Everyone had an easy way to combo into their CC so that’s a sign that SNK was headed in the right direction.

Also, the ban list for Last Blade 2 tourneys was fucking stupid.

The problem with MK is that the creators genuinely don’t give a shit about making a good game. They want to make games in which you mash the buttons and fancy shit happens–that’s it.

The fact that UMK3 is as good as it is is a testament to the powers of probability, like the monkeys who accidentally type the works of Shakespeare.


There’s a buncha reasons why BF didnt do well.

First off, it was being sold with its own cabinet, and being priced accordingly. This means that instead of 50 yen, it was 100 yen, even at a-cho and other arcades where everything but VF is 50 yen. Play two games of T6 3/5 rounds for 100 yen, or 1 2/3 round of BF? I wonder.

Also, because of the pricing situation, not a lot of places bought it. This means that not a lot of people played it in the first place. Most games that were popular and are dying are the type where you had to go to certain hotspots for that game and play it there. Thats how BF was from the start. A-cho had it right away, and then a couple other arcades got it after a bit, but by that time, nobody cared about it.

It also came at a really bad time. Many crap games, even Capcom Fighting Jam got into SBO. BF came out in May, way too late for that years SBO, and way too old to be in the following year’s sbo, unless its a SUPER hit. It wasn’t, however.

And aside from those things already against it, it would have to be a SUPER good game and then it would take off. Thing is, it wasnt. There were infinites, certain characters had too much, others too little. They were mixing GG characters (watson) with 3S characters (Olivia). The more mobile, better ones obviously win. The game looked pretty, yea, but it was unbalanced and just ended up not being all that great. The arcade owners quickly got rid of their machines, and the space it wasted is now being put to better use.

But yeah, good job making a buncha really bad generalizations.

Spectral vs Generation, too. All infinites. Interesting system, but too generic, toss in infinites that are easy to do, and its really not worth playing competitively. I have to date, never seen a SvG cabinet.

NGBC is too unbalanced. Hotaru/Mr Big/Kim were the three characters most used in SBO among the top placers, I believe. It was fun for a bit, but the graphics honestly sucked, yeah some cool characters, but most of them got straight up owned by the tops without much chance. It had its year at SBO, and thats it.

I agree, Last Blade 2 was really fun casually with people who didn’t know all the cheap shit

Its really a shame the game is so broken because IMHO it is a lot more fun than any of the Samurai Showdown games and it has much better graphics than any of the KOF games

I wish they would make a Last Blade 3 but it feels like SNKP won’t see any reason to release another sword fighting game

Look at me. I’m blushing and weak in the knees.

IIRC, Skeleton Horse dude had a braindead infinite and generally dominated. It’s kinda like Duo Lon in KoF2K3, every team needed him to compete.

I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove KOF2000. It’s my 2nd favorite kof behind 98um, honest.

A lot of people look down on it because of strikers, especially Iori/Clark/Ralf + Joe striker doing easy 100% combos. But there is other stuff just as good, if not better than that in the game, so there is still good variety and diff playstyle at high level. It’s just that most of the stuff outside of Joe striker crap has little exposure because the game is underplayed. It’s kind of like if no one played mvc2, people would still think Cable, Blackheart, Doom was as good as it gets. Well, not saying that Joe wouldn’t be used at all, but so would A.Iori, Seth, Cool Choi strikers and a hell of a lot more characters than just Iori/Clark/Ralf.

This is kind of a coincidence because I was just talking to some people about trying to get more players for kof2000 on 2df. You can also search back through the history of the other games strategy forum, there’s a thread with a good amount of info there.

As far as I know, the only really fucked up thing about it was Nsidor’s (undead skeleton horeseback knight guy) infinite. Also, the blue-ish purple dude had a corner infinite I think. Other than that, yea, low appeal cause of the design, and no console release. Seems like a decent game if you banned the infinites.

Was Chaos Breaker ever localized? Maybe Aksys could be bothered to do it or it may be too late.

We need to play then.

Same, I really want to get more players playing…that aren’t mexicans/south americans. Too many people just hear that the game has infinites and disregard it (although they don’t do that when they hear that SFA3 has crouch cancel infinites).

Well as you said, those infinites are banned. In fact, not just in tournaments, they are extremely frowned upon in casuals and most people know not to use them.

It’s just under exposure. Not even close to as many people play kof, so if they are even going to pick up one, there’s a huge change it’s not gonna be something like 2k. Alpha 3 is part of a huge franchise and is the newest game in the Alpha series (and also was the newest SF game that was emulated for a loooooong time).

Anyway, yea I didn’t know if anyone was still into playing 2k, with all this new kof stuff like 98um, kof12, and now 2k2um overshadowing an already overshadowed game. I will def. be up for games this week.