The "When People You Love Have Horrible Taste In Music" Thread

This isn’t so much about disagreeing about what bands we dislike so much as having to listen to music we very much dislike when we’re with others, specifically significant others, family members, close freinds, etc…

My girlfreind listens to nothing but Kesha, (no I won’t put that fucking dollar sign in her name) Taylor Swift, and Avenged Seven Fold.

I want to kill myself everytime she drives her car and I’m seriously considering just driving all the time like my dad does whenever him and my mom are forced to be in the same vehicle, although his reason is more about him not driving than listening to her music. Lolz.
Anyone else have this problem?

Once again this is more about ranting than personal taste in music. If anyone here likes Kesha, Swift or AX7 then sorry, but I’m just stating my opinion. If it’s any consolation I won’t flip the Hell out if someone mentions they hate a band that I love.

Chicks are chicks… You are with her because she has boobs and a vagina, not because of her little opinion on worldly matters or her taste in music.
So the question is are you getting enough of that to tolerate her shit music?

He obviously is not or he wouldn’t be posting. He should be getting some while listening to her shitty music

I thought that too but I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

I suspect in my family I am that loved one. My taste in music is quite wide, having recently being infected by dubstep my family have been attending church more regularly.

Suck it up and stop being a bitch she could be into way shittier music.

At least she doesn’t listen to dubstep. The moment she downloads a dubstep song, drop it like it’s hot.

ey brah i feel ya on this one , my mom likes this old wack ass shit, i tink its actually called OLDIES wtf epic fail

Your mom has good tastes pherai :] Love the oldies. Hate new crap. Sister is notorious for listening to new crap music.

When ever my friends listen to crappy rap. I dunno what everyone else thoughts are on the new music, but I’m more of an old school fan. I just can’t get into this new rap. :c So I’m always out of the loop with friends when music is mention.

I just assume all girls listen to shitty music.

Music is my passion so maybe I can offer a little insight on this one. Each genre of music is designed to appeal to either to peoples personality and attitudes or to fit a certain mood. For example, I’m very laid back and because of this, jazz music is one of my favorite genres.

Taylor Swift and other “so-called” huge artists like Tiney Tempah make music that is supposed to appeal towards everyone and is generally used for easy listening. The reason you, I, and many others dislike this music is because we’ve already got a clear taste of the music we’re interested in. Music that is designed to appeal for everyone often pleases no-one.

Trying playing some good songs from other genres and see what she thinks.

Some excellent hip hop songs:

Some great electronic songs: (Trance) (This one is mixture of big beat and dance - It’s definantly worth listening to.)

Rock isn’t my strong point but I know a few great tunes:

-Good luck :smiley:

You linked Nickelback i hope your children grow to hate you.

Make it stop. My ears are bleeding

There’s a reason that I said “Rock isn’t my strong point”.

Jeez, you people overreact about everything. What do you want me to say?
“I’m sorry that I’m not that interested in rock music due to my personal preferences.” :sweat:

Although, after listening to some of Nicklebacks songs, I will say that the general dislike towards them is somewhat deserved.


What about the music makes you hate it so much?