The 'Which Monitor Should I Buy' Thread

Guys, once again if this is posted in the wrong place, please, let me know.

I’m about to buy a new PC until the end of the year specifically for Street Fighter IV and some other gaming.

Is there any thread with Monitor Recomendations ?
Like, which are the best monitor out there ? Taking into consideration Input Lag, Quality of the image, price and what-not.

Can anybody make a little list of our best contenders out there ?

im sure the HDTV lag thread would be a great place to check. But i wont hesitate to say the line of ASUS monitors used at EVO.

Yeah the thread is a resource but, its not specifically about this and it has a ton of pages so a guide would be appreciated.

The one they use at evo.

Holy crap that’s a good deal. I bought a 22" Acer a little over a year ago for that price. Maybe I need to build an arcade cabinet…:xeye:

Edit: The important number on that monitor is “2” as in “2ms”, which is the response time. The 1080p is pretty trivial for monitors unless you’re hooking it up to something that does 1080p. Whatever video card will be able to handle it, but I’m not sure how an XBox or PS3 would handle the 1680x1050 resolution (probably do just fine though). So if you don’t want that monitor and are looking for a smaller one, the specs you should worry about are the response time (2ms is as low as it gets these days) and the contrast ratio (xxxxx:1, higher numbers are better on the left side of that ratio).

Wrong, the 2ms response time has nothing to do with lag. Read the HD TV lag thread first next time

It DOES have to do with how fast the monitor refreshes, however. Use a 2ms monitor vs. a 5 or 8ms and you can probably notice a difference.

Edit: so I’m not saying your wrong (you’re not) but if Sarda plans on playing any other games with this monitor, it’s definitely something to consider. I went from a CRT to a 5ms monitor and even with the response time that low, the difference was very plain.

Get the one they use at EVO. Asus VH236h. I have had it for about 2 weeks now and I love it. Color and picture is great and it definitely plays SF4 faster and better than my 40in Samsung HDTV which has a noticeable amount of lag. Good deal on it too with the rebate.

Good to know Pattyb69, very informal. I was looking into getting one of these myself! I’ve yet to actually try one of these but the good reviews like Pattyb’s make me really consider it

read the fine print carefully. While some manufacturers are clear with the response time, some other manufacturers advertise very low response times that are only grey-to-grey pixel changes.

Just get a monitor that has at least 170 degree viewing angle vertically. Cheap monitors with 160 degree vertical angles usually changes colors or as the expert call it, inverts colors. Basically the colors change from light to dark in color intensity. LoL

I’ve only seen business models use higher or equal to 170 vertical viewing angle which are all expensive.

my asus monitor is fine anywhere in my room (viewing angle is good, etc) and it doesn’t lag. i got it for about $140 via ebay + bing cashback + MIR

anyone know anything about vx2433wm?? view sonic monitor

The asus is definitely a good buy, or so I’ve read. I’m going to hold out for the LG W2363V though. It’s getting some really good reviews @ and I’m going to Tokyo anyway

The thru-mode is the interesting feature, but even if that is hype, it apparently has lots of great options for using it as a monitor for gaming, like pixel by pixel to reduce input lag, etc. Just an overall gaming focused monitor, which sounds good.

Any links on reviews or user impressions? All I can find is basically release information on it.

me too.

and i would like some info about that view sonic i posted. but that LG is nice.

also how much is that LG going for?

I’ve recently picked up a Samsung P2250 and it’s an absolutely awesome monitor. Definitely advise it.

Best advice I can give is just make sure you get one with a TN Panel if you’re mainly interested in gaming.

While they say it’s releasing in october in NA, I don’t think it’s out in any English speaking countries yet so hard to find reviews. It’s been out in Japan for a bit though, I read reviews/pricing here: (japanese only)

I really don’t think you can go wrong with an Asus monitor. I have one of the 16:10 models, the VK222H, so scaling was an issue through HDMI until the NXE was released on the 360 to support more resolutions. That aside, the response time was fantastic, excellent colors and contrast which far outshined my Samsung Syncmaster. The 16:9 model linked towards the beginning of the threat looks like a winner.