The White Guy Asian Girl Phenomenon

I live In Massachusetts and around here in the city all you see a good percentage of the time are the couples consisting of a White male and an Asian Female. It’s getting somewhat rare to see either of them with a guy/girl of any other background. Like the really weird thing is the woman is ALWAYS Asian and the guy is ALWAYS White(Only once seen a White girl/Asian guy couple). Do any of you see this trend Where you are? Why is the guy and girl ALWAYS of the same background? Is there a reason why it’s becoming so common? Maybe it’s just where I live?

Where have you been? White dudes have had yellow fever forever.

Dudes just like Asian chicks. This is nothing ground breaking.

think about it…there’s like a billion asian girls in the world…and like 500 million white guys…

you must be new to srk…and apparently new england in general.

Posting in a troll thread.

Obligatory response would be white women need to step their game up.

the asian men are too busy trying to score with white womens

if you see a young asian couple, she was probably his silver (or bronze) medal

wow, niggas are so late up in here. white men been craving asian females since…forever. this isn’t any newer than white females shacking up with brothers.

No. I’ve lived in NE for all my life(33 years) and have been on srk since 2000. NE’s Wg/Af couples has never been THIS abundant. I can understand the guy’s role(if she’s hot she’s hot), but what about the women? No black, middle eastern or even Latin; just caucasun(and sometimes asian lol).

son this is mass…do you not realize how segregated/racist our state is? its not south segregated but for the east coast its bad. go down to southie and tell me how many black people you see lol.


This news is old like the sandals on Moses’ feet. Anyway, it’s why I’ll never feel sorry for a white guy supposedly down on his luck when it comes to women. The obvious answer/advice for them is "Dude…just get yourself an asian broad. Even if you’re a 2.5 on the 10 point scale, you’ll get one easily just because you’re white."

Yeah, if I had the power to morph… I’d change into a white guy for a day just to capture some random asian woman with absolutely no effort. Heh, then it would be funny to switch back to blackness right in middle of sex…just to be amused by whatever her reaction to that is.

why is this a damn thread?

I dont give a shit about asian wemmins. If they hot they hot. I don’t know maybe there’s a new sweatshop opening in the city you live in. That one bitch from Rush Hour I’d murder your auntie for though. And Bai Ling’s crazy ass can be hot too.

But as for your question, it’s probably a sweatshop thing. Or they’re trained seeing-eye-azns.

umm the north, and the west, hell everywhere is more segregated than the south, wtf are you talking about yankee? In the south black and white have been living side by side for hundreds of years, it’s your neck of the woods where they were ghettoized.

lmao @ sweatshop.

Like at the end of They Live? :rofl:

yeah million, i would never feel sorry for a lonely black guy either.
just get a white girl, dude. easy breezy.

don’t forget we got those hispanic broads on deck too. just saying.

so what you’re saying is that asians are into white guys just because they’re white? Huh? You mean like some colonial shit?

is someone insecure themselves? because you don’t HAVE to be here