The White Hot Room :: Phoenix Video Thread

Videos & footage about our Jean.

[][media=youtube]AosDrMfKXWY[/media] - by Brian Kasugano
][media=youtube]QOo0WgWbruk[/media] - by Brian Kasugano
[][media=youtube]AosDrMfKXWY[/media] (DPh only - 1 meter / no XF - 1,036,800 damage) - by frog
][media=youtube]bh4yLQS_bjo[/media] (DPh only / no XF - 900,700 damage) - by frog
[][media=youtube]8FEQm4Udh3M[/media] (DPh only / 1 meter / no XF - 1,089,700 damage) - by frog
][media=youtube]R8KS2wgzgZA[/media] (DPh only - 1 meter / no XF - 1,110,800 damage) - by trag
[][media=youtube]IwBEOjOtU6U[/media] (453,200 damage w/o meter / 635,400 damage w/ 1 meter) - by trag
][media=youtube]w0chdq5RQKE[/media] (318,100 damage w/o meter / 461,200 damage w/ 1 meter) - by trag
[*][media=youtube]r-NNuT1klVs[/media] (382,900 damage w/o meter / 542,300 damage w/ 1 meter) - by trag[/LIST]

[LIST][][media=youtube]JVaUo_6GNzc[/media] - WinterBrawl Match
][media=youtube]uKI1Zhkgu5I[/media] - Casual Match
][media=youtube]0OskUVQFKUU[/media] - RAMnation’s Grand Finals
[][media=youtube]nDEi0N1quLM[/media] - - Tight or Fight Ep. 3 - Marvel vs Capcom 3 Top 8
][media=youtube]ARJS7CaLT88[/media] - WinnerStaysOn Tournament Match
[][media=youtube]HK0Nnd_Tkm4[/media] - The Break Weekly
][media=youtube]k4Mk4KJZW3Q[/media] - The Break Weekly
[][media=youtube]ixOFMXasYsk[/media] - The Break Weekly
][media=youtube]KCgVtL8cNkE[/media] - The Break Weekly
[][media=youtube]d_Ec1byya84[/media] - The Break Weekly
][media=youtube]HYfiq7MlJCI"[/media] - by Iplaywinner
[][media=youtube]5R0gOvLSyp4"[/media] - by Iplaywinner
][media=youtube]xT5sFmVDQBQ"[/media] - by Iplaywinner
[]“I can’t control it!” (Dark Phoenix’s Gameplay Sample) - by FunkyP’s GT Friday Fighting Variety
][media=youtube]crx37YZB7ug#t=6m40s"[/media] - by TeamSpooky[/LIST]


[][media=youtube]KTuU6ZbR3i4[/media] - by Diet
][media=youtube]h5x4nCYBl1s&feature=feed"[/media] - by xShonuffx
[*][media=youtube]ILXAJNLnNc0"[/media] - by SmexyMillz[/LIST]


[]Phoenix and Haggar Gameplay- by G4
]Seth Killian Talks About Phoenix and Haggar - by G4

More to come (obviously).

So, I’m reserving it.

Reserved #3

Is it safe to post yet? I like the title. Smexymills turned the mission mode video to private, from what I can tell.

Should any of the videos of her getting killed really quickly be put up? I know it doesn’t make her look good, but it’s relevant to how she plays…

Hopefully there will aso be a reup of that stream from last night going.

Any relevant video of Jean is more than welcomed. Keyword being “relevant” - stuff like her being oneshotted by Hulk is useless on its own right (we all know that she dies in a good combo, regardless of the character).

I forgot to warn in the OP about Smexy’s vid being private for now. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll update it. :slight_smile:

ive been playing her for a few days now and she has limitless potential, but the trick right now is finding an assist to cover my ass…random beam hypers and arthur will drive u nuts

Doom (either Rock or Missiles), Hulk for his AAA or even Thor’s projectile (which beat others projectiles, though it has a kinda slow startup) are viable choices.

If you go to 1:30, you’ll see Ryu drains her life bar in one combo/super. Ouch.

She does have 420k HP. What you would expect? :lol:

Shame that… no one is bothering to record or stream anything with her for now. We’ll have to wait for a little bit.

A quick video I just uploaded…


The white hot room ey? lol white girls yumm…

[media=youtube]Q3Nngiva8UM[/media] messing around with some stuff nothing too complex an okay air combo!

Hey Frog, do you mind posting another vid of that same combo, but with the damage values? :V

yehh no problem soz about that i will upload sometime today?

Here is a link to Team Spooky’s Marn vs Nerdjosh FT10 with Marn using Phoenix


This video shows how you can combo into healing field and continue the combo. Probably very useful. This is done in training mode.


Ah, why’d you remove the video, Tommy?

The link to the marn vid seems to not be functional on my end. Also would it perhaps be better in a section titled gameplay instead of in the Combo one?

Fixed on both ends. Thank you for the feedback. :slight_smile:

Wow, just realized my video was posted in this thread, thanks for that guys. She’s wild lol.

Also since then I’ve realized with her meter gain she has near limitless heal supers when you have someone trapped in the corner.