The white tabletop stick during Evo's ST 3x3 matches?


Does anyone know what custom stick that was during the Super Turbo matches? Is that something you can buy? I don’t have pictures right now, but the stick was basically some white table top looking stick with a 6 button layout.


Got photos or video?


I got photos. Posted on my fb. As soon as I get a chance to upload to my bucket I’ll share.



it looked like they were really heavy too… seemed to take considerable effort to move them.


The steel legs are stout.


Yep they’re pretty sturdy and nice.


what would make them better is if they were height adjustable, so you could use them with any seating


What would make them better is if they didn’t have LS-30-Poos in them.


I think Serge from Arkadeum built it.


I was wondering about those too… Though honestly I only saw one of them from afar and thought ‘dang that dude lugs that around to play? I need to quit my bitchin’ about having to hold my stick between matches… that guy PUSHES his everywhere!’

Super cool though.