The who discovered (insert technique or glitch) thread

I would like to know who discovered various techniques and glitches for all fighters. ex roll cancelling, anti-airs,tick throwing, etc. and if you can explain how they discovered it.

This one Japanese player named ROM discovered something, but I can’t quite remember what it is… :wonder: :smile:

I thought about making this topic for months…


i discovered that yomi card game is amazing

uhhh… ok.

Original Hayashida step in Tekken for Paul was created by Hayashida.

I think “crazy legs” movement for Hwoarang was founded by Seok, not sure about that one though.

Really not sure about this, but the very first time I saw roll cancelling in CvS2, even before it was in match vids, was a small vid Viscant made showcasing it. Not sure if he read about it on another board, but he was the first one I remember on here to break the news.

anti air hidden technique treasured beyond the moutnains for thousands of years noone knows the true origin

You’re losing your touch Woof.

Alakazam invented the psychic dp


Al Gore invented the internet

Edit: I think Nuki started Roll Canceling in CvS2.

Valle invented the “Valle CC” in A2 as far as I know.

Mike Watson invented the Iron Man infinite in MvC2, I believe.

Masher invited kara taunt in X-Box 3S w/chun! :sweat:

Could be wrong, but I remember some unknown Japanese player accidently discovered CvS2 roll cancelling using Balrog (boxer). He was trying to find a way to put added distance to his turn/dash punches, and thought the roll would help. Little did he know about the other properties roll cancelling would yield…

BAS discovered the Akuma unblockables in A3 I think

I don’t think so. IM MVC2 infinite is pretty similar to the MVC1 infinite. And RC was found during Beta testing IIRC.

didn’t shady k and ghengis figure out the fly/unfly properties for sentinel?

Genghis’ crew discovered guard cancel too i think.

I discovered in third strike you can knock Akuma out of his down,down,down+3 punches with ken’s ex-shoryu :D.