The "Who Needs SF4 When You Have HDRemix" Tournament!

Well, here we go again. Tournament will be this saturday, 21 February 2009. Only allowing 16 entrants this time, so sign up early. Here’s the rules.

Date: Saturday the 21st of February, 2009

Time: 5 PM EST

Format: Single Elimination, best 2/3 rounds, best 2/3 matches, finals will be best 3/5 rounds, 3/5 matches. All player will be randomly seeded. You are allowed to switch characters between matches.

Mode: All games will be play in players match, default settings.

Sign-Up: Since we are only allowing 16 signups, it will be on a first come, first serve basis. We will take signups up until the start of the tournament. But as soon as we have our 16, that’s it, signups will be closed.

Reporting: If you signup, you must report to the chat on the website on later than 15 minutes prior to the start of the tournament. You will post in the chat that you are ready to play. We will start the tournament promptly at 5 PM EST. We will wait until 10 minutes after the start of the tournament for any no shows. Anyone who shows up late or who doesn’t show at all will be disqualified and their opponent given a bye. If you are eliminated, feel free to hang around the chat to find out who wins, set up casuals, whatever.

I will try to answer some questions that often come up.
What about lag? Dropping? Etc?*

Here is how lag will be handled. Once you have your opponent and you have exchanged Gamertags, one of the players will host a player match. Make sure you set it to only have two spots and one private. Once the match starts, you have the first round, AND ONLY THE FIRST ROUND, to determine lag. If you have lag, or feel you have lag, you will drop before the first round ends. If you do not do this, the match will count. If you do drop, the other player will host a player match. Same rules will apply. If you still find it unplayable, then you may drop and come back to board, and post in the chat about your problems and I will see about rearranging the bracket. You are only allowed to do this once, so if your second opponent still lags, you will just have to deal with it.

Dropping will not be tolerated. If a connection is lost after the first round has been completed, either the players work it out among themselves, or you may come back to board and post in the chat your grievance. I will be the sole authority on determining the consequences, if any, that will be assessed. Make sure you remember the details of the match, so an accurate assessment can be made. Also know that that Claw (Vega) has been known to cause de-synchs and disconnects. If you or your opponent are using Vega, and you get disconnected, you will start another match, and recreate, as closely as you can, the conditions before the disconnect. If either player has a problem with this, come to the board and post in the chat. as I said,I will be the sole authority on determing how disputes will be handled.

Any other problems that arise shall be brought to the board and will be dealt with then. If you have any questions about these rules, please post before the start of the tourney.

How will I know who I play? Will someone message me?

A bracket will be posted the day before the start of the tournament and will be continually updated throughout the tourney. If for some reason you can’t check it, i.e. you don’t use a router, then tell me in when you sign up and I will make sure you know who your next opponent is.

Just head to the forumshere to sign up. I need to apologize in advance for all those people who registered and signed up for the last tournament. We are at a new host, so new forums, so you have to sign up again.

Good luck and have fun!