The "who plays as who" thread Xbox 360 edition

ok, I think it’s safe to say that there are some characters that we havent had a chance to play against. This is a thread for people that need or want to play against people that use characters they havent seen yet (i.e. Gen, Sakura, etc.) I’m gonna update this post with the list of players and who they use that way no one has to dig trhough 39028409852 pages to find info.

Fei Long-
Blanka- I$AAC
Chun Li-
Gief- I$AAC
Claw- I$AAC
Dictator- I$AAC
Rufus- I$AAC
El Fuerte-
Seth- AnimaXxMundi

You forgot seth. :frowning:
<-- Seth
I’m okay, but good for venting your arcade mode frustrations.

Chun Chun till i DIE… then when i die ima play with the lovely sakura!

Cammy, Gen (My Gen is pretty terrible)

i use chun as my main

i use rose and gief for fun.

im looking for some rogs to fight.

bison and sagat as my mains with cammy and ryu as back up

Main: Blanka
Back-ups: E. Honda, M. Bison, Abel

Main : Viper
Secondary : Rose


i main claw
and play sum gen too

Main: Ken
Second: M. Bison

i main viper… and also play ken

I main cammy and my backup is Ryu, but I don’t think much people have problems against Ryu though…

I play a pretty decent Ken and am always down for a match.

I main sakura and still learning.

Still deciding on a main … leaning towards Boxer.

I also play Sakura and Sagat.

Baller: Guile
Benched: Ken, Cammy, Sakura
Bleachers: Fei-Long, Chun-Li, Ryu, Akuma, Seth

guile and akuma :smiley:

DARKHOKAGE and Hubris, do you mind if I add you? I am trying to learn Viper and I hate Guile. Practice would be good :slight_smile:

I main Ryu

Learning Viper. Pretty decent with Bison. Good with Sagat and Akuma…Would like to learn Gouken.

My mains: Guile, Chun Li.

My alternates: Ken, Akuma, Dictator.

I dabble with: Abel, Sakura, Gouken.