The "who plays as who" thread Xbox 360 edition

SoulSeekr786: Add at will, but I prolly won’t be on until the weekend. I have to go away for a bit and I won’t be taking my Sexbox. I’m garbage against competent Vipers anyway, so this will be mutually beneficial. :3

yo issac, imo you should put gamer tags next to srk names, it’ll be easier for people, just a suggestion, this is a good idea mna.

Main : Ryu
Secondary : Guile

Rose all day, everyday

Main = Abel
Others = Cammy, Sakura, Ryu, Ken, and Fei-Long

Main: Guile

Main : Abel (still learning)
Backup : Sagat
Dabble : Chun Li, Bison

Main = Abel
Sub = Ken

Props to another Guile player, fighting that uphill battle!


I’m gonna update this list tonight. Sorry fellas I’ve been swamped with work as of late.

my main is Sagat but i have various secondary characters i play, Gen is one of my most used along with Gouken.

No worries; thanks for takin this responsibility :smiley:

Main: Rufus
Sub: learning Abel.

i only play as sakura

Mains: Geif, Balrog
Seconds: Ryu, Abel

Mains: Cammy/Chun-li
Secondary: Sakura
Just for fun: Fei Long, C. Viper, Boxer, Ryu, Ken, Akuma

i main ken, cammy and sagat. secondaries are gouki(akuma), dictator, boxer, dan, and sakura…

main: ken/ryu
dabble :akuma

Main - Rufus
Sub - C.Viper
Want To Learn - Blanka

I’m pretty exclusive to Chun-li.
I fiddle w/ Sagat when I’m upset. (no homo)