The "who plays as who" thread Xbox 360 edition

Main: Sagat, Dictator
GT: FriskyWalrus
Learning: Abel, Gouken, Claw
Location: ATL
BP: 1500ish

Main: Ken
GT: ChaoticShdwMonk
Learning: Gouken
Location: Spokane, WA
BP: 15xx

Additional Details: Will fight anyone
Location: Texas
Characters: Sagat (main and usually only)
BP:2500 ish

Main: Sagat
GT: JeenyusSf4
Location: Toronto (Canada)
BP : 8000+
Want to fight: Skilled players

Main: Seth, Abel
GT: AnimaXxMundi
Location: SoCal
WTF: Anyone esp Honda/Gief
(2650 bp)

Main: Honda Accord
GT: rolent23
Learning : more about honda
Location: Brooklyn, NY
BP : 10K
Want to fight: Anyone who can give my Honda a run for his $.

lol @ mod fixing my grammars

( :

Main: Vega
Learning: Sakura, Chun Li
Location: Northeast Ohio
BP: Around 1500 (Stopped playing ranked)
Want to fight: The less popular characters (and no Blanka)

Only Viper. Other characters are boring. Suck it world warriors.
Only really want to fight other Viper players but…I’ll fight other characters too. :lol:
My BP points matter as much as yours do.

GT: thethrillisgone
Additional Details: I just started this game, so I’m not going to be much of a challenge for anyone yet…
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Characters: Chun-Li (main), have no other characters at the moment, thinking about trying Cammy or Bison out…
BP: 300-800, bounces around alot
Looking to fight: People around my skill level and Chun-Li, El Fuerte, Blanka, M. Bison, anyone cool

GT: Mungstar
Main: M. Bison(dictator)
Location: New Mexico
BP: 1000ish (Just started last week)
Looking to fight: Anyone, Though fighting Ken and Sagat is getting old.