The "Who plays as whom" thread, PS3 edition

ok, I think it’s safe to say that there are some characters that we havent had a chance to play against. This is a thread for people that need or want to play against people that use characters they havent seen yet (i.e. Gen, Sakura, etc.) I’m gonna update this post with the list of players and who they use so no one has to search 2589490538045 pages for the info.

Ryu- MagnetoManiac, KDZaster, GET_BUZZIN_srk, mikefrom707, Akuma2010, TheJollies, Griffchon, NicaKO, Rakurai-UK

Ken- MagnetoManiac, rpgfighter, cynistar, Akuma2010, ChaosLegionSpawn, doujinshiSRK, CCiNOone, MastaPopana, NicaKO, hamatoyoshi86, Stadic_, Optimus124

Akuma- MagnetoManiac, KomboKaze, Akuma2010, NicaKO, ShinAkuma204, gosufailure, R.O.Y.C.E

Gouken- GodRax, el komosutro, CCiNOone, VforVietnamazing

Fei Long- DaFeetLee, syntaxxor, Vandal_Hearts, Skryba

Cammy- JohnnyDeath, syntaxxor, SKeRJ, MCSlycooper, zielgruppe, DaBatCave, VforVietnamazing, Luigi-Bo87

Sim- el komosutro

Blanka- I$AAC, souji5, dbostick

Chun Li- MagnetoManiac, DaFeetLee, jsynergy, mcfobo, mikefrom707, Hi-Risk, TheJollies

Honda- souji5, MAGkulit

Gief- I$AAC, Yousef5, KDZaster, VietNam1, Optimus124

Guile- Mooglelot, T3R_Dictator, mcfobo, CCiNOone, MastaPopana, tzare, Optimus124

Claw- I$AAC, MagnetoManiac, AndyChamp, SKeRJ, Hi-Risk, S1LENT1, Skryba

Dictator- I$AAC, Blazeu25, Psycho_Gorath, MagnetoManiac, T3R_Dictator, GET_BUZZIN_srk, mcfobo, Return_2_4ever, KaalVeiten

Boxer- JohnnyDeath, MagnetoManiac, DaFeetLee, T3R_Dictator, VietNam1, rpgfighter,mcfobo, TheJollies, souji5, AndY0ne-, hamatoyoshi86, estanton

Sagat- TruAj, GET_BUZZIN_srk, Akuma2010, TheJollies, AndY0ne-

Abel- Blazeu25, TheArkayne, KDZaster,GET_BUZZIN_srk, cynistar, MCSlycooper, AndY0ne-, erugoodwin

Viper- krazykraka, mikefrom707, doujinshiSRK

Rufus- MagnetoManiac, T3R_Dictator, KDZaster,GET_BUZZIN_srk, mcfobo, doujinshiSRK, Rakurai-UK

El Fuerte- KDZaster, el komosutro, MCSlycooper

Sakura- Kikumaru-chan, kyo_vs_iori

Rose- MagnetoManiac, DaFeetLee, TheArkayne, Akuma2010, Luigi-Bo87, Optimus124

Dan- MCSlycooper, Griffchon

Gen- B-iZm, DaFeetLee, Bronzefist, Imajinn

Seth- Psycho_Gorath, VietNam1

Random= Luigi-Bo87, I$AAC

abel and bison


Balrog, Cammy, or any charge character (or any other character, but that’s not as often).


Strictly Gen

dictator, seth

I$saac you should only list psn tags to keep things simple/clear

Chun, Rose, Ken, Claw, Boxer, Dictator, Akuma, Viper, Ryu, Rufus

but I can use whatever the opponent requests and give a good game.

edit: Except Gen and Dan.

Sakura for me. She’s my main :wgrin:

I also play as Akuma, Ken, Ryu, and Dan, but I’m not near as good with them :confused:

Everyone except Rufus.

Mainly Chun, Balrog, Gen, Rose, or Fei Long. I’ve been messing with Cammy and Seth too.

Main: Fei Long
Back up I do better than my main with: Cammy

I’m strictly a Boxer, Dictator player.

Also I can use Guile and Rufus decent enough for people who need familiarity training against those characters.


Abel and rose please. TY issac haha.

You Shoul maybe list them like this.

Dictator :
-A (Player) - (PSN)
-B (Player) - (PSN)
-C (Player) - (PSN)

and so on…



1st Abel and Rufus
2nd Ryu, Gief, Fuerte

Gen mainly with a little Chun & Seth on the side.

Emperor (sagat) MAIN
Ryu 2nd

order from first to last
rufus, bison, ryu, sagat, abel

chun is main… messing with sak/viper sometimes.