The "Who Will Get Drunk @ EVO World and Pass Out/Vomit" Thread

following along with last year’s EVO festivities…

when we had Combofiend getting so shitfaced he threw up IN THE BAR and then had to be brought to my room in a wheelchair…

…or Daigo getting so drunk, he was hitting on men and coming out…



fucking smooth get’s owned by beer all the time

my vote is on Diago, im getting that guy FUCKED UP. Right after I beast on him in ST! LOL


Voted DSP because of that “guys a bitch” option.

i love you too :lovin:

I think combofiend learned his lesson and as dxp just said on irc:

<dXp> well i forgot
<dXp> its not the same dates of his birthday again
<dXp> cuz it moved

I’m gonna have to go with daigo, he’s too stubborn to not get shitfaced. My upset pick is mr. wizard though, after i beast him in connect 4.

i’m gonna go with me i turn 21 on the 16th of july

anyone who hangs out me better get hammered

i like me over all those people on the poll

I turned 21 this year too and have every intentions on getting it crackin at Evo (unlike other year’s when I was underage).

Well more like Vegas cause it’s going to be hard getting me away from gambling.

My birthday is August 24.

Edit the poll.

I’ll bring my camera again and the rape + jasmine assist

me cause im hanging out with this dude.

Foot Klan will be crunk as fuck come this evo.

wtf i like me over anyone one in this pole

lol @ Daigo being #1 in this poll…don’t you think he learned his lesson last year?

and although Smooth was OUT OF HIS MIND drunk at EVO 2k6, he DID manage to hold his liquor and stay up all night…so I have no idea why he’s currently #2.




and ytwojay :lovin:

Jay lets make it happen… Im seriously rolling to evo like 10 bottles deep this year.