The Wii U TTT2 Stick Discussion Thread


At first this was a post about my thoughts on the sales price and weather it was worth buying or not for dual modding purposes, however the topic evolved into a general discussion thread about the stick, so i changed the title :slight_smile:

I, just like a bunch of other people, had the perfect plan: buying the Madcatz TTT2 TE for the Wii U (only 50 dollars) and dual mod it for PS3/360
After having my credit cards denied at the Madcatz store, I got kinda frustated and decided that my new stick would be a custom, and started buying the stuff to build it.

However I’m not here to talk about my experience, as many people might not be willing to spend a lot of money in a good custom stick (that’s why they were going with this stick to begin with), my case was different because my idea was literally buying it to mod the hell out of it just for fun, so building a custom sounded even better for me…

First, let’s check the prices:
50 dollars for the wii u stick
35 dollars for an MC Cthulhu/30ish dollars for a pad/general PCB price
10 dollars MIN for wiring and cables (even more if you want sleeving and other pretty things)
10 dollars ± for shipping (11 in my case, to MD)

That alone adds up to the price of at least 90 dollars

After all that, you have all the work, soldering, wiring, etc… that might be hard for unexperienced people

So I gotta ask: is it really worth it?

I will answer this myself: It depends.

I would recommend getting the wii u stick on these cases:
Your main game is Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and the Wii U is your practice console (lol)
You just want to have fun modding stuff, then go for it
You legitimately want a fightstick for the wii u to play virtual console games
You have money and don’t know where to spend it (you can give it to me though)
Honestly, that’s all I got.

Now if your intentions are:
Play on the Xbox 360/Play on the PS3
Play on PC
Have a good stick for your games
And pretty much everything not listed on the previous list

Why not just get an Madcatz Fightstick pro?
It’s currently 99 dollars on Amazon
It’s still a madcatz stick, with sanwa parts
It will work on PC and Console of choice out of the box
Free 2 days shipping for those that have prime (I’m pretty sure most people have it)
It will save you some rage and headache of modding (in case you’re someone that rages lol)

Well guys, that’s it. I just decided to talk a little about what I think from what I’ve seen on the last few days
Tell me what you think, and I may even change my mind :slight_smile:
I like good discussions

Peace dudes


Worth mentioning that the stick in question works on original Wii also, meaning you can use it on the few good native Wii fighters and all VC titles (lots of great neo fighters on there).

Beyond that, when you consider that a) the lever and buttons alone will cost you as much as the shipped TTT2 stick, and b) a custom case will cost you at least another $60, I have to maintain that this was a killer deal.

All that said, I agree that if you just want pc and ps3 or pc and 360, the mcz pro is definitely the way to go, particularly if you’re skittish about modding. $99 for that stick is still a hell of a deal.

On a bit of a rabbit trail, but I think both the TTT2 and the pro model look better stock than most of mad catz 's sticks.


Good points. I personally prefer the Noir layout to the Vewlix layout, so that’s a plus in my book for the WiiU TTT2 stick. Also, I don’t like Sanwa parts and have some Eurosticks waiting to go in so I can sell the JLF and OBSC buttons, driving the price down even further. I’ve also got several PCBs waiting for a home. For me, the only thing stopping me from buying is that I’ve got 15 or so sticks sitting in my basement and angering the wife unit every time she goes down (I’ve got a problem and step one is not buying every time a good sale comes up). You’re right though, someone without the time and/or skills to mod would be better off buying the fightstick pro off of Amazon. Also, I feel ripped off that the WiiU stick doesn’t get the femme fatale alternate art work.


nice point @PresidentCamacho‌ , I completly forgot about the original Wii.
well, the Wii U also runs any wii games, and as far as I’m concerned it’s the same.
Either way, i forgot about the wii games.
About your last point, I didn’t intend to say “buy the pro stick to mod it” but “just buy the pro instead of moding the TE”

@Chananigans‌ Yeah, the layout is better IMO too. makes more sense to my fingers lol
Your case is also a good exception. If you want to use non sanwa parts in a good stick, the TE is probably the best solution right now :slight_smile:
I know how you feel. Well, I’m not married yet, and I only have 3 sticks here… But i’m living in the US for only a year and a half, and this amount is already enough to give me problems regarding taking them back home lol


I plan to place my ZD Encoder into the TTT2 stick. Wiring it is so easy it’s funny.

And this will be my first TE in my little collection. A very good deal.

I’m not excited to get the Fightstick Pro anytime soon.


I’ve been told that it doesn’t work with original Wii games, like TvC.
I’m also confused about how it connects. Madcatz website says it connects to the Wii remote, but on the same page, lists USB connection as a feature.


It does work with Wii games, the system sees it as a classic controller. There is no usb connection, only the Wii remote plug.


the TE and pro stick body have a huge difference in weight and feel. my first manufactured stick was a pro sfxt and as soon as i found a cheap enough used TE i switched over. the r1 and r2 sf4 TE sticks were made a long time ago and any used sticks around today carry alot of wear. you almost always have to replace the buttons or lever and also clean out all of the nerd goop stuck left around the crevices. the ps360+ makes it super easy for anyone to mod. all u’d need is a crimper and you’d have a brand new dual-modded TE for 110~. you should try amazon, they’re also selling it for 50 bucks through madcatz and would probably take your CC.

i’ll be buying one of these to try out the NOIR layout. i’ve been playing on a vewlix layout for forever but it still feels cramped sometimes. it seems a little silly that we use japanese panel layouts even though americans have larger hands on average.


I can see everyone’s points here. Still what I really want to say is: if you’re just looking at the price, give it some deeper though and see if that’s REALLY what you want before buying it. If Ultra was confirmed for the Wii U, I would have gotten this stick right away lol


50 bucks for the TE-S stick is a steal. Aside from the differences on the build and feel of the 2 sticks (I love the TE-S shape btw), it really isn’t cheaper to mod the Fightstick Pro.


I never said it was :slight_smile:


I went in on this to convert it to a Xbox One (only) stick for KI – I’ve got other sticks for other systems if I need 'em. This will be my first modding stick, so it’ll be a fun learning experience and it’ll be special to me for the work I intend to put into it.

My bill of parts with shipping looks like this:
Wii U TTT2 Stick: $61
Octa gate + yellow button (for 3 x 3 matching): $11
Bare XBO board via Jansen: $42
Crossbone: $30ish
New acrylic: $20

That’ll put me at ~$165, not counting any other materials I might need (probably a new soldering iron). I’m already starting to think about different balltops and lighted buttons and all that, but I’m trying to start simple, with a clear, defined scope. I could have just gotten the KI TE2 or regular TE2, but I’m still coming out about $30 ahead at the moment… and I’ll learn a lot for future sticks.

So I guess I’m with you, Lipe_San: It’s not super cost effective to mod (depending on what you’re doing), but it is a great base for new modders. If you already have certain things laying around or want to use it for PS3/360, it’s an even better deal.


$64 for a TE with Wii compatibility.
$20 for a MCZ Pro 360 PCB.
$3 for a short RJ45 cable.
$8 for a Neutrik jack.

Less than $100 for a Wii/360 stick. I’m happy. Of course, I had some of those things already on hand so it seems like much less to me. I also threw a couple of other things at it such as a spare yellow OBSF, some shrink tube, a couple of JLF springs for the system buttons, and a can of white Plasti-Dip. Still working on the dip so no pics yet.




I just got mine in the mail today, and while I can confirm that it works as a classic controller, TvC doesn’t see the R and L buttons for some reason.
I think maybe the stick doesn’t actually register the ‘click’ input you would get when you press all the way down on the classic controller R and L triggers.


are you playing on a wii? or a wii u on wii mode?
that is weird, the only actual game on the wii that is worth it not working is a real shame =/


Yeah, that came up in another thread from someone else who jumped on the sale. I hadn’t noticed that issue with TvC due to its 4 button gameplay- as long as you stick with ABXY you’re fine. There’s always re-wiring if you must change the configuration for that game. Cthulhu gc compatibilityis also an option if you’re already interested in one.


I’m just using it with the Wii mini, not the Wii U.

I was messing around with some Wii games, and it turns out it’s not the “click” that’s missing from the R/L input, it’s the analog component.
I ended up just rearranging the buttons into a better pattern visually, and rewiring the inputs to what I want for TvC.

I think I’ll eventually put a better PCB in this stick and make it my main PC controller, then use the stock PCB to build a little 4 button TvC stick.


One strange finding I’ve come across with TvC and this stick is that it is literally only L/R that don’t work. Lz/ Rz do work. I only know that because I’m new to the game and am able to cycle through the move list with the Lz and Rz buttons.


The last few posts were discussing that. Seems to only be an issue with TvC.