The "Will Modding This Mess Me Up?" Thread

I made this thread to find out if disabling v-sync was a bad idea, it is. But there’s tons of things to mod, so I decided to get more use out of the thread.

Original post:
In SFIV PC disabling v-sync was the way to be but SFV has no in-game option for it.

Does v-sync on = PS4’s input lag?

Because you can shut it off and no v-sync is always better input lag wise.

I did it (by modifying an ini file). if it is really better depends on the vsync method the unreal engine is using. but I couldn’t find any information about it. so just to be sure I deactivated it and I’m using the adaptive vsync method of the nvidia driver instead.

edit: here is an instruction how to do it and also how to disable the (in my opinion) annoying motion blur:

Vsync on feels the same as PS4 to me, so either turn it off to have lower input delay or keep it on if you switch between console and PC or play at locals/tournaments and don’t want to make the game feel different input-wise.

I already disabled motion blur, I’m ahead of the curve. Do you know if bringing back the buttslap messes anything up?

@Tensho has basically confirmed what I had feared, PS4 = PC with v-sync so I sorta have to stick to v-sync on for parity’s sake.

you could actually determine the ingame vsync method though by using excessive settings so that your PC begins to struggle and the framerate drops under 60 (try increasing the resolution via DSR/VSR). if it begins to tear the game uses adaptive vsync, if it drops down to 30 it uses double buffered vsync and if it’s somewhere between 30 and 60 it uses triple buffered vsync. in the last case though you still wouldn’t know if it is a render ahead queue or not.

in the end the difference is one additional frame of input lag depending on the method, so if you don’t want that I suggest using adaptive vsync with your GPU driver just to be sure. if you want the same behavior as on PS4 I guess we need some high fps footage with controlled button inputs to determine that since we just don’t know if the engine behaves the same way on both systems.

I don’t trust myself enough to get it right, here’s hoping someone with the know how does this.

just found out that there is another vsync setting in another ini file which isn’t mentioned in those two reddit posts. go to this folder:

there is a “GameUserSettings.ini” in which you can change “bUseVSync=True” to “bUseVSync=False”. if you do this you have to use vsync with your GPU driver though otherwise the game will run too fast in singleplayer.

edit: never mind. doesn’t seem to have any effect. if you want do disable vsync use the method described in the reddit post.

and another thing. in the same file you can set “sg.ViewDistanceQuality” to 3 if you want which is defaulted to 1. funny enough there is no setting for this in the game itself but the ini files contain different parameter presets for low(0), medium(1), high(2) and max(3). this should make the graphics of the background a little bit better.

How much better does it look?