The WiLL's Basic A-groove combo videos

Hey what’s up yall? A month ago I got my website up and it’s going to have everything a fighting game head wants. One of my first project is my Basic A-groove combo videos for beginners. I want to you guys check it out and critique it. It’s nothing fancy but it gets the job done in a-groove.

Cheers for the vids!

That WPB CvS2 Finals match between the C-Sagat and N-Yamazaki is now my most favorite match video ever

The WPB final doesn’t seem to be of a very high standard. I’m at about that sort of skill level and I don’t think I’m good. Anyway, thanks for the vids, I still appreciate them. :tup:

That last game store tourney I tried to play in I wasn’t allowed to enter because I brought my own stick. Supposedly since not everybody else had a stick, I had an unfair advantage and therefore was not allowed to enter unless I played on the PS2 pad everybody else had to use.

What are you card players doing playing CvS2 anyway? You guys make way more money entering Magic tournies than anybody here ever will playing a Capcom fighting game. :smile:

On an unrelated note, I still like it when that gaming show on G4 TV dropped CvS2 because it was “for mashers” and picked up a real fighting game like DOA3 instead.

That finals video looking like the N groove guy didnt know what the hell he was doing. The C groove guy was doing random things and kept doing it so it became predictable, no poking or whatnot was involved at all. No comboing into supers. Totally random, but what do you expect from a Game shop tourney.

Well I guess I could explain about that tournament match although this thread has been off track of what I want to yall to watch. Anyways that match up was scrubby. That match was 2 out of 3 and the match you guys watch was the second match. I won the first match but the guy was like freaking out and he’s like very nervous. I’m assuming that he’s ready for my usual tactics but I stepped out of my element and embarrass him. It was quite cocky of me but I got the job done. And to kcxj South Florida is very, very boring. I wish I can go back to Magic: The Gathering and compete but no big competitions around here. Honestly if I would pick between M:TG and fighting game tournaments, I’d pick M:TG any day of the week.

This is my first time doing this capture stuff and I’m getting used to it. I’m sorry if my first videos were not top quality but I’m getting the hang of it. Next time I will put up better quality, non-scrub match worth putting up on my website. Thanks for the critique yall. I know what to do next time.

I hate it when people post stuff like this. I just delete the video and keep quite about it if it’s crap. There is nothing to be gained here in criticizing. :tdown:

Man the vids was great :wow: the way sagat jump hk was crazy i got to try that

::shrug:: Thanks for backing me up and stuff but one person ain’t gonna break me. I’m not even my prime yet and I just wanna have fun. Hopefully that’s the point of video games right? I don’t like making excuses but reason I put the video up is to show the finalist’s crew that I don’t even have to try and still win. The first match was way better than the 2nd match but the guy push X before I get to the Replay Save. I told him before the match that I will save the match but he went to the Character Select screen before I push anything. I was pissed. So I scrubbed him. I’m not gonna take down the video after the comments. In fact I wanted to make sure that his crew will never forget that day. So…how about that a-groove combo video? Please guys critique on it. What’s good, what’s bad about it?

You see! Smooth’s got the idea. :rolleyes:

the 3rd strike vid was awesome. I like how they both chose not to use parries :stuck_out_tongue:

Critque of the A-combo vid?

You’re not getting the most damage out of your customs. Doing the slide, THEN super with Haohmaru is pointless. You’re not getting all the hits. Todo doing grabs over and over again is plain ugly. At the very least, you can do timed fierces over and over again. I doubt any of the combos would work in a real match either. Guile’s far s.HK is an extremely slow way to start a CC with. Even if you’re doing it on reaction to punish a whiff (nevermind random activation), the 4 or 5 frames before the CC flash make it so slow it’ll never work. Benimaru low fierce, then mash on fierce doesn’t work if the opponent was ducking. You need to stand them up with a blade kick first.

In general, I really hate those combos where you just mash over and over. I say lose the pad, buy a nice stick and learn the real customs instead. Keep up the effort though. It’s always cool to see new CvS2 websites.

I like how you still give him credit for trying.

kcxj-Thanks for the info. I’ll remember that next time. Just keep in mind that this is a BASIC a-groove combo video. Nothing fancy. Gets the job done and anyone can do it.

Maybe next time you can make an advanced A Groove combo video. :wink:

Don’t jump the boat early man. I wanted to make sure you know the basics of a-groove.

haha, i already know the advanced.


How about some activation setups?
blanka electricity, sakura jabs, a dragonpunch, anything. You can’t just walk up to someone’s face, activate, and go straight into roundhouses. I saw one rising tackle setup. Oh yeah, and one tiger uppercut setup. Where’s athena with her command grab. Todo should have started with a command grab, CC, and so forth.

I hate A groove, and suck at it. Frankly, those videos are a great way to get introduced to doing caption. You always need to know 2 things. 1) What is your audience? 2) What are you trying to show?
Obviously, the video is for basic A groove combos. The purpose? To show a basic combo for as many different characters as possible? I’m not sure.

Keep it up, plenty of good combos in the old posts here that can keep you busy.