The Wilmington, NC Thread. Holla

Anyone here from Wilmington besides me and bloodabeast? Then come on in! I wanna see you!

Yeah, I’m in Southport, but I’m on an XBOX so I don’t think that’s going to help either of you. Are there any people that host game nights or whatever around this area? I’d be interested in playing some people IRL.

  • Kryptoknife (XBL)

I don’t have an xbox or ps3. However My bro has a 360, and his name is undeadrookie. That’s the name I use.

yo i m in wilmington man if you ever tryin to play let me know i dont really know too many wilmington players i usually goto raliegh and gboro to play

you can just post in the nc thread

Wilmington is way too small to have it’s own thread like Charlotte. Post in the norm NC thread for games like abstyles suggested.

Also, welcome to the community!

^This. Please read the rules before posting again.