The Wishlist and Speculation Thread. Ver.2

With the games impending release, I expect us to see even more threads needlessly popping up that do not need to be made. Have something you want to see in MvC3 or a rumor to discuss? Do it here. Seriously. That goes HERE.

The rumor is that the first round of DLC will be the axed Frank West and the (supposedly) finished Elektra but I hope it’s Strider and Nightcrawler, personally!

May the DLC Speculation begin anew, and let it stay within the confines of the speculation thread and not spew everywhere, like it’s been doing far too often lately :slight_smile:

“Have something you want to see in MvC3”

I have the feeling the thread will get ugly fast with comments like “i want them to remove xfactor its bullshit” or “i want them to make a good game next time” etc :confused:

As for proper speculation, I just cant believe Frank West wont be DLC. they even admited he was almost done, and Capcom be wanting to sell those Dead Rising games. Im also shocked Marvel didnt force cyclops in the game, he’s bigger than he ever was in the Marvel universe atm, probably one of the most important characters

Some small wishes: training fight request and a rematch button on 2 player endless lobbies.

I went various time on the MVC3 official site and when i go to the character page i found this announcement:

The Latest Challengers:
Hsien-Ko and Sentinel!
Want to know when the remaining characters are announced?

There are other character for sure, for at least of 40 cast members with dlc, but the question is:


IMO Venom for Marvel, Megaman or Sigma for Capcom (but i’m not sure for capcom side)

something i want to see:
multiple ‘records’ in training mode and have it let the computer able to playback randomly. this way i can work on blocking.

I has Superman movelist here, yes?

God thats a great feature, sadly I think its too much of a stretch for capcom. Its little touches like this that can make a game truely great, but capcom will be more concerned with creating content such as characters, etc just as 93% of the people buying this game will be

A lag bar :frowning:

I’m hoping for Psylocke as a DLC on the Marvel side. I’m just so used to her in the VS games, and would love to see her traditional moveset balanced for this game. My only solid guess though is that it wouldn’t be another non-Xmen villain. All the main Marvel villains congregate at the top of the character select screen ATM.

I’m hoping for Gene or Azel from Godhand. Make it happen Capcom!

I would love to see emma frost and bishop. Emma’s movelist could be like a cross between psylocke when she is normal and she-hulk when she is in diamond mode, and bishop should make for some interesting moves with his whole beam absorption power. On the capcom side, all i wanna see is samonosuke from onimusha. That is all.

My view on the characters who should make as DLC (at least for Marvel) has changed. We have 38 characters with distinct playstyle in the game. I want Capcom to start bringing the fan favorites, the big names as DLC from now on, doesn’t matter how they would play. I mean, would you sacrifice Cyclops, Blade, Daredevil, Frank Castle and Ghost Rider just because they might play a bit like other characters already on the roster? I wouldn’t.

I’d like to see Strider, Batsu, Jon Talbain, Megaman (obviously) from Capcom.
For Marvel, hmm I’d like a Spidey villain that isn’t the most popular. Like Sandman. He’d be sick for this game. Idk, I don’t feel the Marvel side NEEDS anything else. Well, maybe females.

As far as the game, I’m not sure what’s all in it but I hear it doesn’t have a replay mode like in SSFIV. Definitely needs that. Online practice (which we still haven’t seen yet) would definitely get me hard.

Quote me if you think Juggarnaut should be DLC


Anyway I predict we’ll get character DLC news this summer.


its needed esp. in USA
but in europe its ok without because u can tell by country flags if its gonna lag or not… atleast its 90% predictable

with 2,500,000 Health and no block ability

I’m just waiting till people start crying for the sentinel nerfs, then this thread will be interesting.

Just give me cyclops. We don’t need Strider when there’s Dante and Deadpool.

Wasn’t the story that Marvel actually vetoed him?

Anyways, I still want cyke and gambit…